Diet to Add 18kgs?

Hi, first time poster here. Ive been lurking for a while though :slight_smile:
I have a few questions regarding diet and routine, and any suggestions would be welcome. I am 19, 6ft 1 and 82 kilograms.

My current stats are:
Bench press:55 kg for 5
Deadlift: 110 kg for 3
Chin Ups: 6 reps

I had been doing WS4SB3 for a couple of months, but have got sick of the isolation exercises, as well as not progressing. Now that I have a job, I can buy some good food which I think had halted my progress (lack of). The current diet plan im thinking of following is:

  1. Breakfast - A smoothie with 4 weetbix, 2 cups of milk, honey and a banana.
  2. Snack - 100 grams of cashews and an apple
  3. Lunch - 1 cup rice, 3 eggs and half a cup veggies
  4. Snack - 100 grams of cashews and a banana
  5. Dinner (pre workout) - whatever the parents cook
  6. PWO - 1 cup rice, 3 eggs and half a cup veggies

The exercise program Im going to follow is Stronglifts, but with a few differences:

Workout A
Front Squat 3 x 5
Bench Press 3 x 5
Chin Ups 3 x F
Push Ups 3 x F
Decline Sit Ups 3 x 12

Workout B
Front Squat 3 x 5
Overhead Press 3 x 5
Deadlift 1 x 5
Pull Ups 3 x F
Decline Sit Ups 3 x 12

I shall be lifting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hopefully doing hill sprints on Tuesday, and normal sprints on Thursday.

My goals are to just to get Stronger and Bigger, and I have a personal goal of being 100kgs by the end of this year. Is this realistic?

Seriously dude…

you got to get stronger…

and if you want to gain 20 kgs.

why not just eat about every clean thing you can get your hands on…

and by the looks of it your diet is a little on the low side ? especially protein wise.

Are you currently gaining size with the diet you have listed? Probably not, I think you need to add alot more food to your diet. Checkout the mass gaining articles in the archives.

There was an interview with Dave Tate (search for it), part of adding body mass was to buy pizza, get all toppings on it. Then, dose(spelling? not sure about it) it in olive oil until it is leaking oil. Eat as much as you can in 20 minutes.

I really suggest you look up that interview.

You really need to eat more food if you want to gain mass. Add a can of tuna to each of your snacks, 3 more eggs to lunch and PWO, eat a real breakfast with eggs, meat, and some wheatbix, try some chicken breasts, add some baked potatoes and some pasta, make sure that is brown rice, a turkey leg or two, and maybe a steak with the PWO. Other than that, everything looks fine.

i noticed my best gains when i was drinking a ton of whole milk (in between a half a gallon to a gallon a day)
give that a shot on top of eating more

After reading this, I think that the calories are ok, but the protein isnt. Im gonna add 2L of milk per day.
2L of milk - 1100 cals, 80 grams of protein
breakfast - 500 cals, 25 grams of protein
Lunch and PWO - 1000 cals, 34 grams of protien each
Snacks - 600+ cals, 20 grams of protien
Dinner - 400+ cals, 20+ grams of protien

Total cals - 5200 cals, and 230 grams of protein

Blunt - yeh i know, thats why i wanna improve, and now with a job i can buy some more food.
AcTrain - does the cals and protein intake look alright now?
Arnie - yeh i remember that article, i just wanna try and eat as clean as possible, I have acne and im trying to get it under control.

Arms fire - If i had a job that paid a bit better i would buy all the stuff no problems, but i gotta make do with what i can afford.
Deanvoyer90 - Yeh i think ill try the milk, its a cheap option.

thanks for all your replies

If I were to consume 5200 calories I’d have alot more than 230g of protein. You have a complete macro breakdown?

Give it a shot for a few weeks and see how it works for you.

yea i would probably add a little more protein, if you can afford weight gainer that would be a great way to add those extra grams of protein needed

You need to eat vegetables, wide array of vegetables. They are rich in vitamins (necessary for growth, health and metabolism) , minerals
(necessary for growth, maintenance and repair) and antioxidants (necessary for overall heatlh). Vegetables also keep our bodies’ acid alkaline balance in order so that our body is able grow and function properly, avoid stress better and overall health benefits. Green veggies such as brockoli and spinach and green beans also have protein so eat lots of those together with everything else. Spinach has omega3s and corn has omega6s. Veggies are high in fiber that keeps your metabolism in order.

Yoghurt is a good source of carbohydrates and good protein. I tend to drink a litre of yoghurt after workout because of that and because of calorie intake. One litre is quarter of a gallon.

Eggs and chicken are high in fats and protein.

Soy has all the amino acids and lowers cholesterol. Good for your health but not necessary for building muscles.

Proteins in general you should eat so that you get them from multiple sources. Not only whey in powder but different sources. Different proteins are broken down into amino acids differently in the stomach and used later for different purposes. I think whey is broken down faster than casein which is milk protein.

I see you’re allready eating very healthy. Now just try and eat more and in your case cheap. Yoghurt is cheap and good but try not to drink too much. Its just not good. Eggs too but they are said to be bad for cholesterol levels.

Workouts… Do compound movements for strength and gains. Those stimulate more muscles and build overall strength. Leg press and squats for legs. Deadlift for back and bench press and pulls and rows for upper body. Compound exercises put a lot of stress on your body so not too much and remember too keep days off and rest. Also divide your workouts so that you rest parts of your body on different days. Train upper body on monday and legs on tuesday and take a day off on wednesday for example. Max repetitions should be done once a week maybe, even better if once every two weeks. If you don’t feel like staying home you can always train high
repetitions for fat burn and just for sports. 20minutes of sports every day makes you feel better and keeps you in good health.

Cardio is good for recovery done in low BPMs. Once heard that 140bpm is ideal for fat loss so below that. Just to get the blood flow and all the toxic acids away from your muscles. Running puts stress on your joints. Swimming burns more calories but is good for blood pressure and muscles.