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Diet Tips

Been hanging around here a while, and concluded that this is the best site to post for tips… On monday I?m starting the abcde diet program (2 weeks hard training and 1400 kcal too much. Then 2 weeks diet, 500 kcal too little with higher rep-range and 3 days hiit. Then start over. I think I?ve seen it around, under another name).

Now I?m looking for people whom have tried it, that can give some pointers.
My plan was to start of with the heavier part, the bulking, that we call part B. Have 4 bigger meals per day, and 3 smaller meals per day, with the ratio of 50% of the kcal from carbs and 40% from protein, gives around 10% from fat, but aint afraid of eating more fat during this cycle.

I?m prioritising carbs on the smaller meals, just trying to down all those kcal in one day (for me, 4500 kcal/day ).

During this cycle I?m lifting heavy, with the rep-range of 6 reps on 4 sets, lots of compound movements, 5-daysplit(shoulders,legs, back, front, arms, need the shoulder day thanx too teared rotator cuffs 3 years back), but still limiting the gymtime to 40 min to get the max out of every session.

After 2 weeks i hit the diet, doing to lifting 3 days a week and doing 3 days hiit. In the gym im going for 10 reps in 3 sets, still doing basic compound lifts (chin ups, romanians, benchpresses, squats and clean and jerk)but also some isolation movements,mostly in the form of supersets.

Dietwise I?m eating 2950 kcal/day, going for a lower GI, kcal ratio of 40% carbs and 50% protein, 10%fat, trying to eat healthy fat like omega 3.

Now I?m 170cm and 79kg, that is 5?6 and around 158pounds (please correct me if I?m wrong, --> european).

Big question is; what kind o split did you guys do? what kind of training for the different cycles? how many meals a day? what kcal ratios? how was it mentally?

Was also thinking about doing german volume training in a bulk cycle…anyone tried that?

Have to say that i?ve studied the effects of this method, done in a swedish study, by the same team that did steroid testing in the late 80s. The abcde method beat the steroidtests in volyme gains, and had equal results in weightgains and fatloss, and is not as stressing on the insulin production as bulking longer periods can be. swell ha?

well, hope you?ve got the info you need, and prob a bit more…I hope that someone answers this…
thanx in advance!
/swedish wannabebuilder…miffo