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Diet Tips, Injury Recovery and Recomp


I was in pretty good shape at 68.5 in tall, 225lbs and something like 17% body fat. I injured myself 3 times in one year at work and have put on a lot of fat weight and still recovering from my achilles tendonitis on one foot and a sprained ankle on the other (after recovering from a pulled tendon a year before that on same foot). CUrrently at 256lbs and 32% body fat. Out of training for 1.5 years.
Anyways, I havent had any drink besides, water, milk, black coffee, and homemade wine in 3 years. Alcohol consumption is very light. ( a month may go by without drinking and i try not to get drunk, but it happens once or twice a year).
I have been eating fairly clean since the new year and I am about to start training again.
Sample breakfast:
4 eggs, 4 slc bacon, milk, banana or apple
3 servings oatmeal, frozen strawberries, milk, 3 boiled eggs.

Sample lunch:
Vegetable/beef stew and apple
or salad and milk, apple

snack: lots of nuts OR protein shake with fiber. apple or banana.

1lb lean grass fed beef, sauerkraut, okra, cheese, potato, mayonnaise.
Lots of veggie/beef stew and an apple sliced up with peanut butter and milk.

Currently I am not counting calories, but have maintained the same weight for 4 months.
I am not really into losing weight…I would rather do a body recomposition.

WHat can I do to train for how I eat?


Since you aren’t currently doing anything, anything that you do would be better.

You’ve also placed some pretty serious constraints upon your results be essentially not wanting to change anything, but wanting different results.

Maybe rethink that.


Thanks for your input, dick. Nowhere did i say I was unwilling to change anything, if that were the case, why would I be posting to start with?
I haven’t been training, because I haven’t been able to walk. For the past few weeks, I have been walking and using the exercise bike and doing calisthenics…ya know - cause having fucked up feet made me unable to do a lot of things.
Now…in my headline it clearly says that I am looking for diet tips…in my post, I asked if there is a way to tweak my training to how I eat…because people do that. People eat for how they train and train for how they eat. To do a body recomp, obviously some things would have to change.
What happened dude…did the testosterone and lack of pussy put you in a bad mood?


Oh, did I offend you?

Sorry about that. I’ll approach this differently then.

Here’s what would be the best plan to put you where you need to be:


Yeah, um, that came outta nowhere. Lighten up, Francis.

Not really, no. The overwhelming majority of people understand that diet is almost-always the priority, especially when they’re talking about dropping fat. “You can’t out-train a bad diet.” “Results are 80% nutrition.” “Don’t be a beast in the gym and wimp in the kitchen.” These are all fairly well-known sayings that hold a lot of truth.

You don’t need “to do a body recomp.” You need to lose a bunch of fat because you’re very fat. At your height, I suggest shooting long-term to get under 190 or so.

You don’t lose fat by eating a bunch of oatmeal for breakfast and snacking on lots of nuts and having cheese/potatoes/mayo with dinner and then hope to train enough to burn it off. You lose fat by showing a modicum of discipline when it comes to eating while following a basic training plan that your previously-injured body can handle.

Start here.


Your uselesness doesn’t offend me at all.


Thanks for the article. I briefly looked through it and will go back this evening and give it a thorough reading.

So my point in posting what I eat wasn’t to say I am the worlds greatest eater…it was to 1.) show where I am at with my diet and 2.) to show that I dont eat tater chips, soda’s, candy, and bullshit.

190…yeah I would be pretty ripped. A lot of guys would like to be like that. My goal is to be around 230-240 and about 15% body fat.


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