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Diet/Supps While Hurt


hey, i have a quick question for y'all out there. i recently hurt my left knee, and am laid up right now. i have not had an MRI yet, will do so pretty soon. my problem is, is that my National Guard unit is preparig to go to Iraq really soon, and there's a pretty good chance that as soon as i get fixed up, i'll be going with them.

does anyone have any experiences with a diet while injured (some say eat less to avoid fat gain, other say eat more to help your body heal)? and shoudld i invest in more supps now to prevent muscle loss, or just use them all later when i'm able to start rehab??




Hey Cyco,
Thanks for your service to the USA!

To your question:
I hate to delay your answer, but I would refer this one to Mike Robertson. Post him a message during Prime Time (7-10 EST) when he is on. MR just had his own knee issues and has very sound advice in that regard.