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Diet/Supps for Surgery Recovery?

I recently had surgery to repair my broken humerus. I had a spiral fracture, so it was determined that surgery was the best route to go. I had 10 screws plus a plate put in. Now of course I am looking at a long road of recovery of physical rehab to get my strength and mobility back. My hope is it won�??t take too long to get back to the gym and training like I am used to, but I know there is obviously going to be some muscle loss since I won�??t be able to lift heavy for a while.

I am not new to this, so I know I can�??t eat the same calorie wise as when getting more physical activity, but the thought of losing the hardly earned muscle depresses me quite a bit. Just wondering if anyone has tips/ideas for a good kind of dietary and/or supplemental regimen to minimize muscle loss while going through this recovery process (without getting too fat)? I have read about anabolic proteins and such, but I don�??t think there is anything there is out there yet that will add muscle without training. Any ideas are appreciated.

BCAA’s and glutamine will help retain and slow muscle loss.

Milk/etc for calcium to help your bones out. Also, drink protein shakes regularly, if you don’t already (but I assume you do).

My brother wasn’t able to train while he had a MRSA staph infection a few months ago. He would drink protein shakes regularly, and you could actually see the muscle tissue growing and filling in the wound. That said, make sure you have an adequate protein intake throughout the ordeal. Good luck man.