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Diet/Supps for Running and Lifting?


i was just wondering if anybody had any diets or diet tips they could give me.
i run extensively and also lift, i do good with running and lifting, but my diet needs to be better.

i've already has esophagus problems from dairy, which was a while ago (im lactose intolerant and have to take dairy things everyday so i can eat and drink thing with lactose in them), and from a diet consisting of fatty and greasy things.
also if there are any supplements you could recommend.


What are your goals?


i want to gain muscle along with dropping my time when i run. my running goals are 5 minute mile averages in a marathon. and with the lifting and building i just want to get muscular, while staying ripped. i also have goals to compete (and win) in a triathlon.


I’d start off by making the dietary changes that you seem to already know you need.

Once you’ve done that you might want to look into trying Beta-7 as it should help improve your running and lifting.

Biotest Superfood might be another good choice for you to increase your fruit and vegetable intake.


You’re not going to run 5:00 per mile average in the marathon and get muscular. That’s a 2:20 marathon, that’s elite level territory…where did you come up with that? Just curious.


how many muscular marathon runners do you see?

unfortunately, muscular bodies are not designed to move long distances at a steady pace.


Whao! Dude, that is out there!

Have you ran a marathon before, and what was your time? I’d think you’d be happy with anything under 5 hours, under 4 is damn impressive. And I’m not sure you can carry any “respectable” amount of muscle and run one in under 3, but then again I’m no expert on running, just thinking about the whole training for a 26.2 mile run and trying to hang on to muscle thing…


i already run and am told that i really should be running on track with the way i am built, but i don’t listen to them and train and get better. there may not be any, or very little, muscular long distance runners, but i plan to be the first or one of them.