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Diet/Supplements While Injured


Hi All,
I'll be short and sweet. I have an injury that has not allowed me to train at all for about 6-8 weeks, with another month to go maybe. At first I dropped major weight, and the last month my gut has grown...its like Ive lost 20 pounds and doubled my bodyfat...people think I look 30 pounds smaller, but what they cant see under the shirt is my budda pushing out over my belt...Ive had plenty of experience in the past with injuries and normally will work around them in whatever way I can. With the current injury(that I can go into at another time), I truly am not allowed to do ANYTHING.

Im handling it okay as normally during injuries I freak out when I cant train. My faith has pulled me through this one so far, but Im getting a little depressed about not being able to train and putting lard on while losing muscle.

Should I do some sort of fasting? MRP diet? Fat burners, herbs, supplements of any kind? I have some HOT-ROX, was wondering if I should pop it and add hoodia or something to decrease my desire to eat.



if you have not purchased Berardi's Precision Nutrition , i would start there, just got it yesterday, the food is good, and ridiculously healthy.


You have to eat very clean and I mean very clean!

I have done it in the past. No exercise and not gain much fat and not lose much muscle mass.

Dr. Lonnie Lowery said in effect that vegtables are the secret to diets.

What you have to do is eat no fast carbs ... not even one. This means no starch (potaoes for example).
No potatoes or yams/sweet potatoes.
No bread.
No pizza.
No sodas.
No fruit juices.
Nothing containing High Fructose Corn Syrup.
No white rice.
No cornmeal products.
No cerials.
No milk (latose surgar is the problem).
No sugar products (candy ect...)
No junk food period.

Look up Glycemic Index (GI) and find low glycemic foods (like green beans). Look very carefully at meals because baked beans have sugar added... but beans by themselves are ok. Look up Insulin Index (it is different than the GI) and eat low Insulin Index foods.

Eat low fat cottage cheese.
Eat low fat meats and low fat cheeses.
Eat lots and lots of fiberous veggies.
Drink plenty of water.
Eat berries of all kinds.
Eat a green apple before every meal.

When I could not exercise I still tried to get the total protein to 1 gr per lb of lean body mass. By doing this I did not lose much muscle.

Go to bed feeling slightly hungry every night.


I am exactly in your situation.

Just eat clean, good-quality food and focus on recovery. The time will come when you will be able to resume exercising. For now just get well.


So you can't train, and you're still recovering from an injury. What do you think will happen if you go on a hypocaloric diet? You'll lose even more muscle, and more importantly you'll slow down your recovery.


I don't think this is the best plan for someone recovering from an injury. The human body can do a lot of neat things, but one thing it can't do is make something out of nothing. When recovering from an injury, you need to keep insulin UP and calories at the very least at maintenance.


thank you all for the input!!!


It's hard to recommend anything without any background on your injury, eating habits, exercise form, etc...

I agree that going in to a hypocaloric state is not a good thing when recovering from an injury.


Ill try to update in the evening in more detail. I do not have net at my new home yet.

The injury is something I wanted to post about as a warning to others so as to cause less hassle than I have had...doing deep a$$ to grass triples with 500, I felt something funny...had some blood in my stool...did some research and thought it might be hemmroids after talking to some people...kept lifting heavy, sprinting, working (I am in public service and have a physically active job as well am on a special unit that does alot of physical training)...it didnt go away so i backed off squats, deads, and cleans but kept up sprints...went to primary doc who thought it too was the hemroids...put the prescription meds back there and it burned like hell itself...went to specialist and found out that I had a fissure tear, which is an actual splitting or tear in your butt, and i had been reopening as well making it more severe those couple months by doing all the lifting and work...

the experience at the original doctor was a nightmare which i dont have time to go into, but the second doc wanted to hold off on surgery and see what rest and meds could do...so ive been at a desk job for a month, and looks like another month ahead, and/or possibly surgery...some of the worst pain in my life because i kept training thinking it was something minor...jacked up my digestive system, any bathroom visits, my sleep, cramps, spasms, like someone shoved an ice pick up my backside...