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Ok, before anyone flames/bashes me, i just want to say i know tons of articles are scattered about the forum regarding the proper cycling of supps and diet questions, but i dont have time to look thru them, so if one of you knowledgeable T-beasts could possibley help me out that would be much appreciated

ok so this is me

redshirt at Indiana for football
(im 18)

current lifts (keep in mind im a wide receiver/free safety)

Bench: 325 1rm (14 x 225)
Squat: 450 1rm
Clean (from waist): 185 1rm (i know i know, i had surgery on my disc, this is the one exercise i work the hardest at now)
Deadlift: 460 1rm

4.64 40 yard dash

ok so anyways, here is what i was thinking

along with a proper diet (one i had the IU sports nutrionist make out for me) here was what i was going to take


my question was in regards to the proper use of Mag-10… i think the cycle i had thought about doing was

2 weeks 1 dose of Mag-10 in the morning then one 12 hours later
2 weeks 1 dose of M and Tribex

repeat cycle for 2 months

is that right?

I know how to handle my diet, protein and creatine intake… i’ve also used Hot-Rox for a while with great results, so I’m used to that

thoughts? ideas? tips? any comments & criticism is well appreciated

also, when i am done using M and Mag-10, what would be a proper way to restore my natural T levels? is there a supplement i should take afterwards…?






(cool name)

You said: “also, when i am done using M and Mag-10, what would be a proper way to restore my natural T levels? is there a supplement i should take afterwards…?”

You’ve already got this part taken care of; just continue with Tribex and M indefinitely. After all, if it can help negate T-suppression for the 2 weeks in between Mag-10 cycles, then for longer periods of time it ought to be able to restore you back to “full fighting strength.”

Okay, NOW comes the flame, and it has nothing to do with researching articles: what do you think you need Mag-10 for? You’re 18 years old, you have impressive numbers on your lifts (assuming you are doing them properly, and not “cheating”), and you say " I know how to handle my diet, protein and creatine intake."

IF ALL THAT IS TRUE, then save the Mag-10 for a year or two (at least) from now. At your age, and with your workout schedule, your body is probably pumping out more T and androgens daily than you can use. You don’t mention that you have stagnated or plateaued in your lifting. Are your numbers still going up? Or do you feel that you have honestly reached your peak, that you have gone as far as you can go without adding some external source of androgens?

At 18, though the far end of puberty, your endocrine system (as well as other biological systems) are still maturing. Mag-10 now, even at the suggested doses (never mind your double-dosing protocol), COULD mess up what is a very delicately balanced system.

You’re of legal age, the Mag-10 bottle DOES say “not to be taken by anyone under 18 years of age,” so you’re covered there. “I want to get big for football, so I’m going to do 8 weeks straight of Mag-10!” (The advice you gave to “Get Lifted” over in the Football Camp thread was good, so I’ve got to give you props for knowing things.) The protocol you’ve outlined is fine, technically. But the caveat is this: you’re still growing on your own, and it would be a shame to interfere with that. If you really hit your end point on natural growth, THAT would be the ideal place to introduce Mag-10 into the mix, exactly how you’ve laid it out.

But hey, your life and body and career. Remember: I’m not a doctor, I just play one on T-Mag. If you go ahead with it, definitely let us know the results; they ought to be amazing.

Good luck,


first i want to thank you outright for taking the time to read my post and giving me your most honest opinion. To be fair, I knew that someone would get on me for being 18 and wanting to use the mag (and rightfully so, everything you said is exactly correct) but there were a few thoughts behind my decision

1st) im going to follow your advice and not double dose (i’m willing to make that concession)

2nd) I’ve stopped growing, height wise, i’ve been 6 ft for 2 years now, and my doctor says im probably done growing

3rd) i work incredibley hard, and i dont plan on changing that, my only problem is that I work twice as hard as the guys around me, and I truely mean that, yet i see them fly by me in results because they are using (and by using im not talking supplements). It’s truely demoralizing when i’ve spent the time and money to perfect a workout, eat the right way, live the disciplined life, and watch these guys just crush me (in the gym). I refuse to go the route of steroids (not that I am bashing any steroid users, this is just my personal preferance) but i have to keep the playing field somewhat level (although i dont know how high MAG-10 can stack up against a kid doing double cycles of deca and stanz, and im not kidding)

  1. Im not at a plateu, but i have a feeling i’ve peeked and am about to reach one, this is not what I need in order to make an impression come spring practices. im a good football player, i’ve got that knack for the game, i truely love my sport (if i didnt it wouldn’t make sense for me to work this hard) and to be honest, im not out to make the NFL (although i’d be lying if i said i never dreamt about it) if i feel any aspect of my work falling behind then im going to do something to pick it up

i mean, do you or anybody else see any alternatives? and working harder isnt an alternative, i eat sleep and breath my training, do all the right things, and under no circumstances wish to try steroids…


One of the biggest ways to screw up with steroids or pro-hormones or whatever is if you don’t have your head screwed on straight and start relying on the supps more than sense and nutrition and training.

You sound like you DO have your head screwed on straight. You’re able to articulate your needs and reasons, AND you’re willing to keep to (what many would consider) a safer route.

You don’t really need my blessing, or anyone else’s, but I’m thinking you should go for it after all. I assume you already have your stock of MAG-10, so you already possess enough to double-dose for the 2 months you were talking about. If you DO go down to a single dose, that means the MAG-10 would last twice as long. That gives you a 2 month cycle now, and one several months from now when your T-levels seem to be back up. It’s bound to make a difference.

Good luck with it, and as I said earlier: post results.

Now that THAT’s settled, here comes Flame #2: read more on this site! You won’t regret spending the time.