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Diet / Supplement Question

I’m planning on starting on starting a “Fat Fast” diet and i have a couple of questions and would appreciate any help anyone can give.

  1. While on this diet I want to use the following supplements Mag-10, Methoxy-7, M, Tribex, Original T2 and Xenadrine RFA-1

Anyway I’m wondering what the ideal stack would be using the above with particular reference to preserving Lean Body Mass

  1. I notice in the “Fat Fast” plan it tells you what to eat but not when to eat it just wondering if anyone had any input on this.

3 This is probobally just my paranoia but will raising my Testosterone level in anyway facilitate hair loss.

Thanks in advance for any responses


can I get some answers please

I’m currently on a modified Fat Fast(my sixth) so I’ll chime in. If you’re prone to male pattern baldness any increase in androgens, specifically Testosterone, can accelerate the condition. Tribex and M will only raise your Testosterone to high normal levels, Mag 10/4AD-EC has some conversion to Testosterone so any of these may turn you into a cueball depending on your genetic predisposition to MPB. A friend of mine did notice some hair loss from Mag-10. During the actual Fat Fast you are going to need an appetite suppressant. In the past I’ve used MD6, currently Hot Rox, and it did the job really well. I’m not familiar with Xenadrine RFA, but make sure it has something in it to quiet your hunger. My meal timing is every 2-3 hours; you may want to eat sooner but you’ll run the risk of having your last meal to early and being awake, hungry as hell, for several hours after. A protein blend containing casein will help to keep you feeling full; bulk fiber, an absolute must, will assist also. I’m using Methoxy 7 with Hot Rox this time around so I have no first hand information on LBM preservation with this stack yet, however, I can say Mag 10/MD6/T3 got me really lean last year with minimal muscle loss. If you do decide to Fat Fast remember that the first week is sheer hell, but by week 2 your body and mind begin to adapt and it becomes MUCH easier to follow. If you can’t have it remove it from your house i.e. sugar loaded cereal, bread, pastry, beer etc. If you have to get dressed and travel to the grocery you have time to catch yourself and fall back in line before you cheat.