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Diet + Supp Plan... Any Tips?

Getting back into the lifting game after some months off. Main focus is going to be nutrition!!! I use to think with some new supp and some cutting edge program and i could make great gains with 50% diet compliance. Gains came but i know not optimally. Here is what diet will look like on lifting day once my protein and other goodies arrive.

8am Wake up 20g-50/50 Protein blend of whey hydro/pepto pro +5g Leucine
830 Coffee + (4)Omega3 Eggs+ fruits + fish oil + B vit complex +10mg Vinpocetine
920 5g Leucine
930 30g WPI+50-75g WMS + P slin +1g Alpha-GPC + 500mg DMAE
950 Chaos pre workout supp
10-11 Lifting= 1 scoop Surge Recovery
1115 2scoop Surge Recovery +5g creatine + 500mg vit c
2pm 20g hydro blend protein
5 Lean meat+veggies+2000iuvit D + fishoil + 10mg Vinpocetine
730 30g WPI+5g creatine
930 Lean meat + veggies +2000iu vit D + fish oil + 10 mg Vinpocetine + 500mg DMAE
1130 cottage cheese or slow release protein + ZMA

With my solid meals I will drink water with flavorless fiber in it. Rest of day will be crystal light, MM light lemonade + diet sodas

Main focus of my diet/training is to BUILD SOME SOLID MUSCLE… and maybe even lean out a tad but can always worry about that later.

Training is Focused around HEAVY (for me) compound lifting. My cardio consists of walking around work all day.

Wal mart had 4lb bags of tilapia and 3lb bags of chicken breast on sale so I stocked up on my lean meats… time to get serious!

Any thoughts/input would be appreciated.