Diet Suggestions?

So over the span of this year I have made good progress at sheding the mass amount of fat off my body. I went down from 280 down to 211 (last time I checked which was about a month ago, I don’t like scales)

Any way this is my diet.

Breakfast (my religion I never change it)
1/2 cup of oatmeal (plain nothing added just a bit of salt)
50ml of plain yogurt.
1 Banana or 1 tomato.
2 scoop protein shake. (240 cals)

Lunch (uhm I have no idea how many calories, also lunch varies since I have no idea what they serve in the caffeteria.)
Korean lunch
1 cup of rice (white and brown mix)
Kimchi 4 pieces 1"x1"(Basicaly sour krout thats spicy)
Onion sprouts, or turnip, or garlic sprouts, or bean sprouts about 2 tblspoons.(spicy)
Usualy some kind of some soup.
2-3 oz piece of fish or meat
Sometime Tofu very little piece about 1-1/2" X 1-1/2" piece.(Evils or soy)

About 2 hours late I have a
2 scoop shake (240 cals)

I get home about 5 or so.

Soda crackers (bagel) with PB or peanuts or Squid or Beef jerky.

I start my work out at 6:30 I do a lot of stretching since I have serious problems with my hips.

Dinner is usualy non existent cause I am lazy and tired and its usually around 9pm. I usualy pop couple pieces of chicken into a toaster oven. Its anywhere ranging from 4-6 oz. I sometimes add some vegies like brocoli or I have a piece of fruit, Mandarin orange, or Asian pear, tomato.

Now I think its a pretty clean diet but I have been asked to fight on october 22nd. Trick is that I have to loose about 8 kgs to put me in that weight class.

Question is should I be cutting out more carbs from my diet and adding more protein or just do a calory cut? Am I eating too many carbs? Any comments or suggestions about my diet?

PS. I hate salt so I usually never eat it, but I get these BAD cravings for salty junk food. Should I force my self to intake more salt?

PS.S I live in Korea and I am not an Asian.

Just keep reading up on nutrition here. The best advice I can give is to learn as much as possible and apply it to yourself. You clearly know something to drop 70 pounds, and kudos to you for taking that step and sticking to it, thats something 90% of people never do.

Thanks for the words on encouragment. i am always learning new things of T-Nation. I will keep up with current diet I will see if I can shed more fat.

The main this is don’t ever complicate things. Learn as much as you can but most importantly learn how and where to apply this information. Getting HYOOGE or ripped isn’t an easy thing to do it takes alot of hard work and dedication but while its not easy it really isn’t all that complicated.

I’m just shooting for Endurance and speed at the moment. I just want to fight in the lower weight class because I know who I would have to fight in Heavy weight, and that would be quite painful. My opponent would be a 5 inches taller then me and also he wa a Korean TKD champion. I trained with him and I surely would end up with broken or at least bruised ribs.


Looks like the Diet is working out good I lost 1.8 kilos in one week about an inch around the waste. Thats of course doing about 2.5 hours of physical activity.