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Diet Suggestions


Well, here's my diet. Could you guys give me some input? Do my ratios look good? and do I have enough fat in my diet?


(Calories Protein/Carbs/Fat)
3540 277.5/366/102

Meal 1
Oats/whey shake
540 56/61/8

Meal 2
Brown rice, tuna, and peanut butter
650 47.5/70/19

Meal 3
Chili, fish and flax oils
750 32/68/36

Meal 4 (pre-workout meal)
Chicken and sweet potatoes (should I add some fats here?)
420 44/48/8


Meal 5 (post-workout meal)
PWO shake
540 46/82/3

Meal 6
Cottage cheese, fish and flax oil
570 52/20/28


I assume you're not cutting...

Your diet looks ok at first glance. What are your goals and stats? How long have you been on the diet? Have you had good or bad luck with it, i.e. why do we need to critique it?


Well I'm bulking, and actually, I'm just starting out with this diet, I don't even have all of the food on that list yet.

That's why I'm asking for suggestions or critique, because I haven't started this diet yet. I'd like to know if it's a solid diet or not before I go and spend the money on the food.



Too often when people hear the word "diet" they immediately translate that into "nasty-ass food that's supposed to be good for me." What strikes me looking at your diet is how disgusting it looks, and I'm wondering if you could really stand to eat that (and only that?) for the long term. Brown rice tuna and peanut butter? Cottage cheese fish and flaxseed oil?

If I were you, I'd scrap that list, list ten or so meals that I absolutely love, and then figure out how to modify them (or time them) so they fit my parameters. If you want some help making healthy choices check out this list ("World's healthiest foods") and the recipes at: http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php.