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Diet success

I’ve been on diet for 10 weeks now and wanted to share some results. I started at 200lbs taking in 3000 cals. per day during week one. I’ve been taking androsol for 12weeks now at max dose and md6 week one at 8caps per day to 16caps per day at the 10 week point. my calories are 2400 per day at this point limiting my carbs to 150grams daily. My protein is around 317 grms per day. on the weekend I pick one day and eat anything I want (alot of carbs) sunday eat anything limiting sugers though. results-
-12lbs body wieght to 188lbs
dumbell bench up from 105x8 to 120x8
squat 365x2 to 405x2
dumbell shoulder press 80’sx8 to 90’sx8
all my other lifts are up as well.
started cardio this week
my height is 5’9.5" Even with reducing cals every week my strength has gone up. what I have noticed is I wear out quickly and low endurance(results of low carbs)I’m very happy with my progress as I don’t seem to be losing much mucsle if at all. All my previous attempts to get lean has allways resulted in loss of muscle to a certain degree.
side effects from the the md6 at 16per day have been none to min.
side effects from adrosol at 70sprays x2 per day to now 100 x 2 per have been feeling good and strong in the gym, though in the last 2 weeks I have noticed a little shrinkage w/ the boys. but happy to report no gyno. Keep in mind this is after 12 weeks usage.
has anyone had simular results? I know the net reduction in wieght doesn’t seem that much but I wasn’t real fat to begin with and my strenght has only gone up. The results in the mirror and to my wife have been dramatic. Has anyone taken as much or more md6 with good results? and no sides? I welcome your comments.
I love these supps.