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Diet Style with Program

Hey all,

Today I stumbled accross this program by Dan John which really appealed to me:

I like it because of it’s simplicity and because it encorporates 3 full body work-outs instead of splits. I am not necessarily a beginner (I have been training for a bit more than 7 months), so I am not a complete noob in regard to the exercises.

I am however a complete noob in regard to dieting. I have read up on nutrition and tend to keep it easy for myself by focusing on macros and eating enough veggies and fruits to stay healthy.

The program talks about eating a lot to gain mass, but would you reckon it is really about heavy bulking/cutting? I am unsure whether bulking/cutting works for me, I’m more the type of guy that sticks with one “diet”, makes it his habit and continues that endlessly. Hence, I’m curious if I should pursue this kind of mass building program and simply eating a bit more, which could yield sub-optimal results.

I do realize that since I’m still quite new to lifting the program will probably work regardless of my diet (as long as I hit my macro’s), but I’m keen to hear some more experience thoughts on it.

Just some stats to give you guys a view of who I am:
Age: 22
Height: 1.88m (6’ 2")
Weight: 83 kg (183 lbs)
Diet: Hit macro’s, eat above maintenance + enough fruits and veggies
Work out: 3x/week
Lifestyle: Sedentary except for biking to work (~30 min)

I hope you guys could give me some advice regarding this program and the diet that suits it!

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your replies!

Bulking and cutting is for professional bodybuilders. And unless you aspire to be one, it’s absolutely unnecessary.
Actually, I think it’s quite unhealthy to force feed yourself to ‘hit’ target calories and such.
If your exercise and movement throughout the day is adequate, it should naturally increase your appetite. People are too busy, and frankly, too out of touch with their own bodies to listen. Hence, everyone’s given a number (calories).
I like your approach because it is exactly mine. I simply stick to nutritionally high density foods and eat until I’m satisfied, not incapacitated that I’m unable to move, bloated, and farting all the time. It’s a terrible way to be.
If I want to gain weight, I simply up my carbohydrate intake.

I want to emphasize that your workouts must be demanding enough for your body to want to put on weight. All these people saying just eat more are missing out a huge portion of weight gain. An adequate demand on the nervous system to stimulate growth

I’m of the same opinion. No point making it too complicated at this point.

Hit your protein, get veges in most meals, try to eat fairly soon after training and weigh yourself once a week at the same time to make sure you are putting on weight. I try to go up 1kg every 3-4 weeks. Check yourself out in the mirror every day (maybe weekly pictures) to try to limit fat gain.

Good luck mate, that is a decent workout plan.

Hey Jarvan, thanks for your answer it really clears things up. I will definitely give this program a shot then, and I’ll see where it takes me appetite wise :slight_smile:
The plan is to just eat slightly more than I used to previously by adding some more carbs (like you said as well), so I think I’m good!
Thanks again :slight_smile: