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Diet Stalling at 2000kcals/Day


So this is quite frustrating, I have been eating 2000kcals/day since about mid January, I went from 242lbs to 233lbs, then back up to 234 and now I am hovering for the last 2-3 weeks between 233 and 234. My goal is to get to 210 by the summer, I was anticipating reaching 220 by April, which I think is completely doable.

I have been counting my calories carefully, weighing my food, all the tedious bullshit you have to do if youre endomorphic. It seems I am stuck. So I am either 1, not counting my calories correctly, 2, my thyroid is fucked up, 3, I am building muscle at a proportional rate to how fast I’m losing fat. I do let myself have a cheat day every Saturday, I suppose I could cut those out but I might be miserable not being able to go to parties or eat out with my friends.

I will say that I have managed to get stronger over the last month at a reasonable pace. My workout notebook indicates that my numbers have been improving with each cycle (one cycle is 2 weeks for my program).

One very strange thing I am noticing when dieting is I am randomly breaking out in hives. I haven’t pinpointed what might be the cause, but I do not have any known food allergies or sensitivities.

I am hesitant to lower my calories below 2000, as I lift 3 days a week and also do cardio, either after lifting or in between days depending on my schedule.

Do you think I should see a doctor, or just change a variable and see if things improve? I weigh myself on Saturdays, taking this past weekend off for personal reasons.


2000 calories seems extremely low for someone at your weight, even in a deficit. What’s your macro breakdown?


What PB Andy said. You might also try adjust the macros around, while maintaining the same calories.

Also… RE eating out: I eat out 7-10 times a week and stay in Keto. It’s not impossible; actually, it’s not hard.


You can see why one would assume that based on the below.

What are your macros?


How do you record calories without macros? How much weight have you lost in the last two weeks?

TBH man, you’ve been on this site awhile talking about weight loss. I’d start logging, you might be surprised what you actually eat.


No you dont.

Unless your dinner is 1000 calories, you are not even class se to where you are suppose to be.

You need to start listening to the advice given.


That’s not a lot of food. My 3 yr old eats more.

Lot of good advice you’re ignoring.


Considering your lunch is around 200 calories, no, it’s not.

If you don’t like the answer, don’t ask the question.

You are not eating enough for your goals or not eating the right foods or not eating at the right time.

You can argue all you want, it’s a hard truth. If you were looking for a fluffy answer, this isn’t the site for you. We will help, we will guide, heck, some people will even write a full menu for you. But we will not coddle our answers to suit your feelings.

What you wrote up there is not close to 2000. And eating a pound of cheese is not a way of making up for it.

If you actually want help, loose the “I eat enough” attitude. And actually write what you ate today. Don’t write what we want to hear, the actual good that went in your mouth and down your gully.


Regardless of what you think, you’re still fat. There’s a reason you haven’t lost the weight.

Your food choices suck and you don’t eat enough. Fix it and start tracking or don’t, I couldn’t care less.


[quote=“Aero51, post:13, topic:226638”]
So maybe if you weren’t so cocky, could read, or do basic math, Id take your advice seriously.[/quote]
You’ve averaged 5 “how should I eat to lose fat” threads every year for the last 4 years. Maybe if you weren’t so ignorant, or stubborn, or could listen, you’d know what to do by now.


You don’t listen.

You don’t want advice.

You know everything about eating already.

You are still trying to loose fat.

But, you are good at math.

Good luck with everything.

And, you obviously failed basic compression. If you average meal is 200, you last meal will not be 1000 calories.

I’m done, by the looks of it, I am not alone.

In case you need me to spell it out, it’s you, not us.

And, I wasn’t going to state the obvious, but hey, I’m a nice guy.

Your body is in starvation mode. You have minimal amount of calories before dinner. Your body takes all the calories you claim you gave and stored them because it knows you will not get a decent meal for another 24 hours. As stated above, you are not eating enough, your timing is off and/or not eating the right food. Until you realize this, nothing will happen.


You’re an arrogant fucker, if that’s all true then go see a doctor and get off a forum.


If you’re off everything now, then literally the rest of your post means nothing.

And, all our advice is just as relevant. Stop making excuses.


No one told you to eat less and exercise more…

I stand by my statement. It’s you. Just you.


Go get bloodwork done to rule out any hormonal imbalances just to be certain. Include prolactin due to psychotropics.

pops a blood pressure med


[quote=“Aero51, post:17, topic:226638”]
None of this started happening until 1 year after getting off everything.[/quote]
I do remember about your medication issue, I also know you’ve been off the meds for over three years. If you believe you’re still suffering side effects, find a doctor that can treat it. That’s been suggested many times before.

Your issues are with consistency, motivation, sticking to a well-designed plan, and taking advice from people more experienced than you. Your “diet log” a while back lasted for 3 posts. Your “Aero51’s Log, Goal: Consistency, Records, Health” lasted about 30 posts across 3 months. Not everyone’s into keeping a log on the site, that’s fine, but not being consistent with a log that literally said “Goal: Consistency” is a big clue.

You half-ass your diet. Every time you post what you’ve eaten, it includes shit and is absolutely not what someone concerned about losing fat would eat. The food choices are focused on convenience, not fat loss, and people have been telling you for years that you’re starving yourself with too few calories. At this point, I’m much more likely to pin the allegedly stubborn bodyfat on metabolic damage from long-term excessive calorie restriction than I am to blame any meds.

Your training isn’t, and I don’t think ever has been, designed for maximal fat loss. You still seem to do strength-focused strongman stuff which is totally fine if that’s your number one goal, but I’m 99% sure you’ve never had a 16-week period where you focused everything (training and nutrition) on just dropping fat. Believe it or not, plenty of guys are able to lose significant fat without losing any significant strength. You’ve been told this before.

You lost 30 pounds in the last year? Good start. Imagine what you could achieve if you ate smarter and trained right.


You can do it @Aero51

Nobody wants to see you struggle or fail.


Your calories are way too low. You don’t know anywhere near as much as you seem to think. If you believe there are medical reasons you cannot lose the weight visit the doctor. It is highly unlikely a 230 pound guy should be eating 8-9x body weight in calories when they aren’t days away from a show.

Just typing this all out because maybe seeing another person telling you the same things will help you realize there is truth in what is being written.


A better idea would be for you to follow all the advice you have been given, log everyday for 16 weeks, no excuse.

Stop passing the buck and take ownership.

For the record, every client I take has to give me a hand written (no app, no spreadsheet) of what they eat, at what time and their program. As well as time in bed and time waking up. Last, but not least, morning heart rate as soon as they wake up.

I "loose " at least 50% of my business that way, but at least I know from the start the level of commitment.

Take ownership of your life.


Everything has been spelt out for you and you are still not wanting to do it.

Pick the first, second third for all I care. Pick one, run with it and stop it with the entitlement attitude.

Do the fucking leg work.

Sorry for the f bomb, but damn, you are one lazy f******.

Everything above has been answered. More then once.