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Diet Software


Hi Everybody,

I've got a question to those who are using any diet software - what is your best choice so far? I've tried a number of programs and eventually decided to use Diet Studio XE from dietstudio.co.uk. The program is very stable and easy to use, the only inconvenience is that I have to carry my laptop with me, as there's no version for mobile phone. Does anyone know any good program that can be installed on a PC and also provides an access from a mobile phone? The important thing here is that I don't trust any online web services and would like to keep my diet confidential.


Big Tom.


You dont trust on-line services, yet you use one.

You want a program that can be downloaded AND accesible thru a MOBILE phone, but not on-line?

People see you eat, why does it have to be confidential?

Damn, that's one messed up situation.....