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diet soft drinks

Just a question regarding diet soft drinks. I drink mostly water but once or twice a day I like to have a diet soda fot the caffine boost and it is something different from the normal water. Just wanted to know the negatives of diet soda and if it would be wise to go only water. I also never have caffine post w/o.
thanks in advance,
flagstaff az

I think it was Dr. Lowery who wrote once at T-mag that they’re bad for your teeth. Still, I have at least one a week. Better than a candy bar at least and hits the same sweet spot when dieting. RC, which uses Splenda, is great for that.

Diet Soft Drinks contain sugar substitutes, which are not exactly healthy.

They ARE better than normal soft drinks, though.

The only real negative thing I’ve heard from a BB perspective is that they contain a lot of sodium, which could cause you to hold some water if you’re trying to get real lean. There’s also the concern about the artificial sweetener, but most concur that to get enough of it to be harmful you’d have to drink like 1000 sodas a day. Soda…hmmmmmm…I like soda…