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Diet Soft Drinks

i was just wondering if anybody knew if there was anything really wrong with having a diet pop once in a while. i thought i read somewhere that carbonation or something was bad for you but how bad? thanks.

The phosphoric acid in pop (and diet pop) apparently leaches calcium out of your bones over time.

just wanted to add that you would probably need to drink a couple of pops/day over long period of time for this to happen. Not all pop has phosphoric acid in it though. Read the label

Try Diet Snapple,… I’ve devleoped quite an addictin myself these past few months. Nice alternatives to all that water. You can usually get a variety case (24x) for about $12-$15. My fridge looks pretty funny with 24 snapple bottles shoved into every available crevice.

I wouldn’t worry about the carbonation or the phosphoric acid, I would be worrying about the aspartame giving me brain cancer, or the Sucralose shrinking my thymus gland.

Stu: You made me laugh, man!

The people at the local Albertson’s call me “The Snapple Man”! Diet Snapple is great! I also have a Fridge and Cupboard full of it. I’ve found it great for overcoming cravings, and it’s a great alternative to soda.

The idiocy has reached an alltime high. Please, please tell me about Sucralose shrinking your ever so important thymus gland.

heheh when I was going to school upstate, I’d bring my change jar into the corner deli and count out how many snapples I could buy… the store owners hated me -lol