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Diet Sodas

At work I have access to a free vending machine so obviously I take advantage of this and drink a significant amount of diet coke!! How bad is this for me? I am currently on the T-Dawg diet knowing that keto/low carb diets are supposed to reduce water retention. Would it really make that much of a difference if I drunk sparkling Perrier water instead as we have that in the machine also?
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It’s always better to drink water. However, I drink a shitload of diet soda daily…no problems yet in 20 years.

I think sodas have to much sodium (salt) in them, which would eat up a lot of the water you need for your muscles. If you get sick of drinking water, it’s real cheap to buy some crystal light (sugar free) powder and put it in your water. It tastes okay, and most of all it allows me to drink a gallon of water pretty easy.

I think there’s no problem with Diet Coke.
I drink 2 liters a day probably.