Diet Soda?

I am new to T-Nation and to working out. My husband loves this site and suggested I use it for information beyond what he can give me. So here is my question. I have started using the Zone diet. I have had an 11 lb weight loss with diet change alone for the past month. I have now added light workouts to my weight loss program I am extremely over weight.

I have found lately that I if I consume a diet soda my cravings for snacks completely go away. I love soda cant get enough of it. Does diet soda work against me in any way? Im talking 3 to 4 diet sodas a day. I tried crystal light and the only one I seem to like is the tea which has caffeine in it… Yes I am addicted to caffeine, I am not ready to give that up yet, I’m still working on high calorie no nutritional value food. I have finally over come the cravings for potatos and bread and dont miss them at all. Please tell me I can keep my diet soda.

Diet sodas are fine to take. However, your primary drink should be water throughout the day.

Like Donk said they are better then regular sugar loaded soda, but you really should try to get used to drinking water often and have diet soda occasionaly.

Caffeine can potentially be a double edged sword.

Maybe you can’t do both at once, but I’d suggest moving to diet soda without caffeine, and then maybe the switch to drinking (some) plain water won’t be so bad.

Once it isn’t a habit, you can then choose to use caffeine for specific purposes.