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Diet Soda?


Hello I am following a very high protein, moderate fat, low to no carb diet, and was wondering if Diet colas were ok to drink? No sugar and no calories does not mean it is good for you, and I don't want to sabotage myself thinking it is ok to drink and hindering myself the whole time.



hope this helps, read all three pages and I'm sure you'll come to a healthier conclusion.

Can't go wrong with water! :slight_smile:



Thanks Z that was a good read. I think I will just keep the water flowing. I am doing pretty good on the diet plan I am following right now and don't want to mess it up. Who would have thought that no calorie artificial sweetners may be contributing to weight gain? I have to wonder if that is the cause or like the guy says in the article it is the big mac and diet coke syndrome, where they drink a diet coke so then it is ok to eat that big make with those fries.


No problem, and keep up the good work!


I know many Body builders who get freaky lean and drink COPIOUS amounts of diet soda / chew sugar-free gum.

If you have everything in check (calories controlled, macros mapped out) there is nothing diet soda can do to make you can weight.


I am dieting down at the moment and have been drinking a crazy amount of diet soda. The only problem that I have had is that, now that my carbs are really low sweet diet sodas like cherry pepsi can give me cravings.



I grew up drinking diet sodas and can't stand the taste of full sugar soda. I don't get the "diet sodas make me crave sweets" thing either. But I usually don't have issues craving sweet stuff, it's always wings, pizza, burgers, etc.


Diet coke is NOT fine. It sucks.

Diet wild cherry pepsi shits on diet anything else.


Yep, when dieting I get pretty hungry, so I'll usually go to 7-11 and get a $0.99 refill on my double gulp cup that I've had for about a month now lol. And FTR, I'm rolling deep in vanilla diet dr. pepper.


Word, that is all I drink well that and diet Dr.Pepper.


Hell, I find that I drink MORE diet soda the leaner I get as the cals and carbs get lower and lower. It's a great craving killer for me, quite the opposite of making me crave actual sugar.


I'm not a big soda person, but do like juices. I get some protein flavoring powder (no protein/cals) that comes in all kinds of flavors. It's a must have for me when dieting because I get mad sugar cravings. It's also dirt cheap. I can get away with a $4 bottle of flavoring for about 1.5-2 weeks, using at least a gallon a day of the "juice".


Yet another tasty option unavailable in the great white north. Diet pepsi lime is the best I can get.


can't sleep on Cherry Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, Diet Mtn Dew, and even Diet Sunkist got some caffeine

OP - we live in the golden age of diet soda. Act accordingly.


I think diet sodas make some people crave sweets. But if you're talking about a bodybuilder or an athlete who has the discipline to know what they're eating, when they have to eat, how much, and why, it's probably not an issue. It might even be good for some people to have diet sodas as a way to satisfy a sugar craving without breaking their diet, but it's an individual thing. Don't completely dismiss it just because it doesn't happen to you.

The main reason that I stopped drinking diet soda is because carbonated beverages seem to interfere with my digestion. But I might just be sensitive. I'll still drink one every now and again, but I rarely feel like finishing the can, I guess I've just lost the taste for it.

Oh, and Diet Dr. Pepper with Cherry > all


diet pepsi > diet coke by a long shot.

throwback pepsi with real sugar > all


Pepsi is for 13 year old girls who like sugar water.


Other option if you want to avoid the artificial sweeteners is sparklng water and citrus. San Pellegrino, Perrier even plain old club soda plus some lime/lemon/orange is a great soda substitute.




I've actually pulled all the relevant research on this for another write up I've done and I'll give you the conclusion:

No calorie controlled study has found an increase in weight/fat gain with artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners can disinhibit appetite (esp. in children) which leads to overcompensation later and may result in weight gain.

There is no magic thermodynamic beating properties to these ZERO calorie drinks/sweeteners.

Bottom line after looking at every study done on the subject thus far is as several others have already pointed out: If you are on a calorie restricted and well controlled diet then you have nothing to fear. There is a consistent signal in the data to suggest that artificial sweeteners can increase cravings/appetite. If you're diciplined...go nuts.