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Diet Soda While Losing Fat?


I have a serious problem, I need to loose my mid section and I know all the soda I drink isnt helping any. my question is, is diet pop or say pop like coke zero going to keep me from getting the results I want or is it ok to drink diet pop or coke zero? I am kinda a fein when it come to soda pop


Try it and see. You would have to test it out for 2 weeks to a month to see a huge difference. Calorie wise it's better, but many people believe your body still has to do something with the alcohol sweetners.


It's going to make a huge difference. You can decide months and months later if you want to give up diet soda.


Aspartame isn't an alcohol sugar. It's just non-nutritive in the concentrations found in diet products.

As a transition from regular soda, diet soda is fantastic. There's a lot of controversy over the safety of heavy long-term use of aspartame though, so you don't want to be drinking a bottle a day. Drinking a lot of carbonated beverages can also screw with digestion.

If you're concerned about the health risks, do the research and decide for yourself. As far as body composition goes, diet soda shouldn't have a negative impact.




I recommend the switch also.


the phosphoric and carbonic acid in both aren't going to do your teeth or GI tract any favors


Good point, but if he is going to drink soda, diet is a better option.

But yeah, good point.


If you like cancer, then yeah.


Most diet soda is really high in sodium. It makes me bloated and my abs look like shit when I drink alot of it.

That may or may not be important to you.


I lost about 5-7lbs in about a week when I switched to diet soda. That said, I used to drink ALOT of soda.


From what?


Aspartame is a known carcinogen, why the FDA approved it... I have no freakin idea. It is in every soft drink, un-organic yogurt, gum, we ingest and.. its an addicting sweetener. Here's a fun fact 10% of aspartame is Methanol (wood alchohal poison).. aspartame also has a side effect of weight gain.

Oh and the pop replaces the water in your system causing you to be more lathargic in your excercises.

Going back to the start of this thread, I'd strongly advise just stoping pop all together, but if you reeeaaally are a fein of the stuff, then sure switch to diet pop, but wein yourself off of it eventually.

Like cigarrettes it will harm you in the long run.



Reference please. And not some crank website.


Paul M. Newberne, DVM, PHD *, Michael W. Conner, DVM, 2006, Food additives and contaminants: An update, Journal of Cancer
Volume 58 Issue S8, Pages 1851 - 1862

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I am bored of posting abstracts.

I am sorry blue star but as of this moment aspartame is not scientifically proven to cause cancer or epilepsy. However the lack of research is due ethics that it would be pretty bad to ram someone fully of aspartame to see if they get cancer. I think any results will come about in the same way as asbestos where the side effects will only be known in the long term in the general population.


Diet soda = 1kcal
Normal soda = 150kcals

I think there will be a difference.


I once switched from Marlboros to Marlboro Lights .

figured they had to be better for me

right ?


Yes please a reference here Please god mention something about mice. Please mention the old results skewing mice.

False - do you know what addiction is?

False - it is not the aspartame, it is your body's reaction to the 'false sugar' that makes your body tell your mind your still hungry. So yes if your diet sucks, it can contribute to weight gain. But if you eat right, it won't.

Simply put I know and see every day individuals who consume well over a case of diet coke a week, and have for some time now. They have no Cancer, some are quite lean.

Not that I disagree with your cigarettes comment, but they harm you instantly too.

I also don't understand what you mean by replaces the water in your body? Are you referring to the diuretic nature of caffeine? If so that is not replacing.


I've read in a few books that it is a carcinogen. A few of the books were written by renowned nutrionists. One interesting Book is "Skinny Bitch" written by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnoun.. They mention cancer feeding, and carcinogen. Just going off what I've read.
When your body converts the aspartame to methanol it can release formaldehyde and formic acid which are known carcinogens.

and yes I do know what addiction is. Its abuse or usage of a substance causing you to want more.. and more... and more of it. I've been there (and no im not refering to pop). "it is your body's reaction to the 'false sugar' that makes your body tell your mind your still hungry" That is more on the grounds of what I was refering too. I apologize I should have been more specific.

Drink soda for a day and drink water for a day. See what works better for you while you workout. Go with that.

Other interesting sources regarding pop usage and Aspartame. It's just a little information (backed up by sources of course).
http://www.dorway.com/92symptomsfotocopy.htm (FDA)



And one that is in the middle of our roads:

Your second link didn't work for me.

" "it is your body's reaction to the 'false sugar' that makes your body tell your mind your still hungry" That is more on the grounds of what I was refering too. I apologize I should have been more specific."

Fair enough, we agree, but it depends more on your diet in general and less on your aspartame intake. If you're eating Burger King with a diet soda, your bumming, but if you have a diet coke with your afternoon snack because you got crappy sleep last night, and your snack is cottage cheese & green beans, you should be ok. Although you should eat an apple rather than drink a soda.

As far as the drink soda for a day. I don't disagree that you should drink water in place of soda, but I think that has more to do with caffeine rush & subsequent crash than aspartame. Soda really has no place in a strict high quality diet, and I think we both agree you should eliminate it, but that�??s not what we're really talking about.

Okay so you understand what addiction means on the surface, and apparently through personal experience, a much deeper level. So how do you figure aspartame is addictive? Congrats on kicking whatever it was that you kicked BTW.

I can't comment on the books, haven't read them.

I do want to add, I'm excited you have used your brain and done research to back what you say. It is fantastic, I was so worried you were going to reference some chain email or TV commercial, but then again you�??re a member here, I should up my expectations. I'm not trying to start a net fight here, just enjoying an intelligent debate, and I hope the same applies to you.


I am really not seeing the argument here.

Diet soda is better for you than regular soda.

Diet soda is not as good for you as water, or fruit juice.

Switching from regular soda to diet can probably drop some pounds just by itself.

There was a thread in the T-cell about the real-life effects of artificial sweeteners on weight gain. The conclusion was that they were a great help in cutting.

Here goes: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_alpha/artificial_sweeteners_and_dieting


An intellectual debate is always fun, no harm no foul.

Countingbeans, The website you mentioned http://www.mayoclinic.com/...eteners/MY00073 Artificial sweeteners: A safe alternative to sugar? I really don't believe so, like it mentions they are empty calories.

I've even done some chemical tests in a past chemistry classes where we found some kind of poison trace in Splenda and Equal. Not my idea of safe, I'd stick with regular sugar if you have the choice.

Where were we? Aspartame and its addictiveness. I want to look at the brain first. There is a chemical the brain produces called Dopamine. Its somewhat of a pleasing feeling or reward feeling kind of chemical.

There are a few artificial sweeteners that release a substantial amount of Dopamine into the brain. Two examples of these are sucrose and aspartame. Dopamine has been known to play a major role in addiction.

The sensation of the 'Feel Good' natural body made drug is great. So if you know where I'm coming from Ill put it in perspective, you can't just have 'one' oreo. Or another example, when I used to drink pop, I couldn't just have one at time, I had to have that refill.

That's just me however. If we look at aspartame I don't believe we can become fully 'physically' addicted to it like, cigarettes or other hard drugs. Instead I think that we can become mentally addicted and a little bit physically through the extended release of Dopamine.

That is how I figure it addictive. The given information also applies to calorie rich food, not just artificial sugars. In a sense.. I think we become addicted to food. haha.

"it is your body's reaction to the 'false sugar' that makes your body tell your mind your still hungry"

The body is a natural thing, and yes it can get confused sometimes. Mismatch between artificially sweet tastes and no calorie drink contents may lead to some kind of rebound eating that may in part be explained by these results:

The body still thinks its hungry. I thought I'd dive into that a little bit for any viewers. empty calories.

I think physiology plays a real role in the gain or loss of weight of switching from regular soda to diet soda. If it works for you, then great. Some people can drink soda and be skinny their whole life, and some cant.