Diet Soda and Keto

ive been reading a lot of mixed opinions on whether or not diet soda is capable of pulling one out of ketosis or detrimental to a low-carb diet.

I was just wondering because I began one a week back and Ive had a few diet sodas to curb some late night cravings. (I usually dont do this).

Anyone else have any experience and/or knowledge about this?

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I don’t have any proof, but logically it doesn’t seem like there would be any reason for it to knock you out of ketosis. Plus if it keeps your cravings at bay, diet soda is better than say, an entire pizza.

No it won’t get you out of ketosis.

It is not detrimental to low-carb diet.

This topic has already been discuss at some lenght but will give you that the search engine is not always the best.

Also, no diet soda sweetner have ever been shown to generate and insulin response in animal or human studies.

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Zero carbs in diet soda. Where else are you going to get energy besides Ketones for brain function?

Not only does it satisfy any sort of sweet craving you may get, but I find that the carbonation makes me feel a bit fuller, making it easier on the days where my overall calories are low as well.


alright thats good to hear as far as the fact that I can use it if I do have any such “cravings”

thanks guys.