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Diet Soda and Artificial Sweeteners


Okay, I was wondering if splenda and other artificial sweeteners created an insulin response so I did some research and ran across this:


I don't know...it was enough to make me worried about eating sweet things even if they are sugar free...

What have been other people's experiences with sweet tasting things that have no sugar? I also bought some stevia, which is natural and claims to have a GI of zero.

Do you think that would cause an insulin response just from the sweet taste? I was thinking of having coffee with pure cream and stevia as part of a P+F meal, but if it causes an insulin spike I'm not going to go for it...


Okay, couldn't quite let it rest so I found this link that really clears everything up I think:



In Muscle Media a long time ago TC wrote something about tasting peanut butter and then spitting it out gives an insulin response. That got me looking at what you just brought up, i.e. zero carb insulin response, because at the time I was doing a ketogenic diet and wanted some insulin response for taking creatine.

When I laid off the elderflower flavoured water and other artificially sweetened beverages I go into ketosis quicker.


Although I can't refer to any online publicized studies, i've read a plethora of articles on why they are substantially worse for you than true raw sugar. Personally, I recommend people to stay away from artificial sweetners and go with stuff like Fructose or Stevia.

If diabetes is the issue at hand, then Xylitol can fill the need for a "sugar" substitute. Fructose is not a diabetics friend, while stevia is a little better, but overall Xylitol has no significant impact on insulin levels.



But when sold in powdered form, under such brand names as Sweet'n Low, Equal, The Sweet One, Sunette, Sugar Twin, Splenda, and others, these products usually contain a sugar to increase bulk, and will rapidly raise blood sugar. So when you buy them in packets
and powdered form, with the exception of stevia, they usually contain about 96 percent glucose or maltodextrin and about 4 percent artificial sweetener. If you read the ?Nutrition Facts? label on Splenda, for example, it lists, as such labels must, ingredients in order from most to least: dextrose (glucose), maltodextrin (a mixture of sugars), and finally sucralose.Most powdered sweeteners are sold as low-calorie and/or sugar-free sweeteners because they contain only 1 gram of a sugar as compared to 3 grams of sucrose in a similar paper packet labeled ?sugar.?

Is this a reputable source? Splenda 96% sugar? Is this where they can claim it has no sugar because of a small serving size?


Yep...that's exactly it...there is so little in each packet that it is not counted...


I tried the Stevia in my oatmeal and it was a little bitter. I know cut it with 1/2 Stevia and 1/2 Splenda. My 2 cents worth is gonna be that anything in moderation is okay.


Mercola also believes:

"...women should not wear underwire bras because the metal is bad for them, don't use microwaves, don't stay up after 10 PM, don't use an electric razor, don't get a root canal, don't drink water with meals, don't use fluoride in your toothpaste, don't get your kids vaccinated, don't swim in chlorinated pools, don't chew gum and don't carry your car door remote in your pocket."

Mercola is a paranoid whackjob. Grain of salt, people, grain of salt.

And as long as you don't eat 14 pounds of artifical sweetener a day, you'll be fine. You get more "toxins" walking down any city street and breathing. Maybe we should live in bubbles?


Great Job!! I agree.


I'm still wondering what kind of insulin response splenda places on the body. I always assumed it was neglegent.


I am down to one can of diet soda a day after a period of time (tax season) where I was up to 4 or 5 cans. Harmless, right? Well, I was feeling terrible during that time and happened to test my blood PH levels: off the charts acidic (5.5 was the lowest reading on the tape). An acidic blood environment can promote a plethora of ill-health effects.

I never really thought about the artificial sweetener aspect of the equation but I believe the citric acid in these drinks is a bigger health concern then some empty calories.


while most of that sounds absolutely rediculous, I don't think it should be completely blown off as whackjob. Let's break it down for a second.

Drinking water with meals:
Fact 1) Your stomach must maintain a certain pH (I think about 2)to digest proteins/fats and for proper enzymatic function.

Fact 2) Adding water to an acidic solution lowers the molarity of the acid, thus raising pH

Fact 3) Your stomach is not a very large container

Conclusion) Drink a lot of water when you are eating and it will take more time and effort to digest.

Underwire Bras:

Fact 1) you can and do absorb things through your skin (hence all the patch medication)

Fact 2) You also absorb metals through your skin

Fact 3) metal toxicity has been linked to a number of poor health issues. Many believe anti-perspirants to be dangerous due to the aluminum. People don't eat tuna due to mercury.

Conclusion) put a bunch of metal on your skin for several hours every day and perhaps you might get sick


Fact 1) Flourine is the most electronegative element, and is one of the most reactive

Fact 2) Under light and heat, it is possible to create halogen radicals

Fact 3) There is significant evidence to suggest that flouride does NOT help prevent cavities. Comparing data between those areas with flourinated water and without (when economic level is the same) reveals no beneficial effect.

Fact 4) Sodium Flouride was heavily researched for use during WW2 by the Nazis to control the public (by adding it to drinking water). It is purported to inhibit proper mental function making people more sedate.

Conclusion) why the hell is it in toothpaste

Chlorinated pools:

Fact) Chlorine in pools is used to kill bacteria, and does so very well

Fact) Cl is also a halogen, and prone to radicalization by simply adding uv light.

Fact) The sun emits a lot of UV

Fact) Your intestine is full of bacteria, such as e. coli, which are necessary for healthy living

Conclusion) trans-dermal absorption and ingestion of pool water could kill off your bacteria, and make you sick.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Not everything that is counter-culture is whackjob, and much of it makes some degree of logical sense.


Stevia is bitter if too much is used. They are still trying to get the bitterness gone without adding in anything else. Aside from that, maybe try some Xylitol, it's pretty tasty.


Ummm...alot of the things you just listed as why he's a whackjob are pretty intriguing when you actually do some research into it and can be beneficial for people's health. But you're right that's just wacky lets stick our heads in the sand.


Uhh, exactly how did you test your blood PH levels, by cutting yourself and bleeding onto the tape? If your blood's PH was 5.5, you would be dead. The blood is kept at a constant pH no matter what you eat. The only thing that changes PH is your urine.


Actually ,there is some research being done right now on microwaves.Also,kids,in my opinion,don't need to be vaccinated.I don't get vaccinated every year and I haven't been sick since I was thirteen.But most people will try to debunk such information so they remain affluent .


Very interesting.Please explain your theory of how urine can only change your Ph.By the way,you can buy test strips at your local hospital.


I used urine test strips which would of course test urine PH levels. I'm still very much alive.


You don't need to get vaccinated every year.

Some kids can get away with not being vaccinated because most kids are vaccinated so it is very hard to spread the disease.

If everyone stopped getting vaccinated we would have widespread epidemics again.

And whowever thinks that chlorinated pool water is killing the bacteria in your colon must be giving himself a pool water enema.


Ok, that's what I kinda figured. I'm just letting you know that your blood never changes pH, only your urine. So the acidity of your urine is nothing to worry about at all. If your blood moved above 7.8 or below 6.8, you would probably die.

This site:


explains how the body has buffers that that make sure the blood's pH is always right around 7.4.