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Although I can’t make the cool seminar in
Florida due to a prior obligation, I am going
to be running a diet seminar in Northern
Indiana some time in late January or early
February. Cost is modest, I think it will run
$50 per person for a 90 minute seminar and
a 30 minute Q&A period afterwards.
I am the only speaker.

If you are interested, leave me a note here and I will post more details as they become available. I suspect people attending will get a TMAG t-shirt and issue 4 of the paper mag.


i’m definitely interested. i live in iindy, so let us know date and location.

I am interested too!

Interested. Please post details, location, sign-up info, etc.

I would attend. I also have a couple of employee’s and friends that would most likely also attend.

Sounds like a reasonable road trip to me.
Ft Wayne is not that far from Indy and several people I know would be interested.

I would like more info 'bout the seminar

I’m interested!

Waaazzzuupp, Brock! I’m from Northwest Indiana and definitely would be all about attending your seminar. Any additional info you could email or post would be appreciate. Train hard, bro.

Count me in.

I would like to hear more about it, but count me in.

I’d love to go as long as it doesn’t conflict with the seminar in Orlando. Please post specific city and date. Thanks.

I’m also interested.

Oh, I’m there.

Looks like it might either be in Wabash,
Marion or Ft. Wayne, IN.

More details to follow…


Hey Brock,
My girlfriend and I would be the first ones at the door ready to hear you speak. It’s a long drive/flight for us, but I bet it’ll be worth it,(we live in Dallas, TX). Keep us posted so we can make arrangements.

I thought you were a drug expert. What makes you a nutrition expert? You only reached 11% BF on your FAT FAST experiment!

Hey Dante - nobody is making you pay
the fifty bucks, nobody is making you

FYI - I was the one who came up with the original idea for Adipokinetix and I designed MD-6. I think that makes me somewhat qualified.

Additionally, Lou Duva is an old, out
of shape guy who can’t box to save his
life yet he is one of the most sought
after boxing coaches in history.

Knowing what to do to get from point A to point B and actually doing it are two distinctly different items. -


Count me in Brock . I live in Southern Indiana and I have at least four or five others whom would be interested also . Keep us informed and keep up the good work . Thanks