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Diet Revamp

It’s time for me to clean up my diet. I’d like to lean up some, and don’t want to deal with health problems later. However, as a powerlifter, I need to maintain my weight. This is where the problem lies. I figure you guys can help me out. I used a diet analysis program to get averages for 3 days of eating, so all these figures are close to accurate.

Ht. 6’1" Wt. 290
BF% 15-18ish

Here are the main problems with my diet:

Too much fat: I eat a lot of meat, cheese, and eggs, and I drink lots of whole milk. I also take in about 5-6 tbs of olive oil during the day, which I add to my shakes and eggs. I take in 450g of fats each day, 150g of which are saturated. Fat and Sat. Fat need to be lowered.

Too little carbohydrates: I take in approximately 600g of carbs a day, but this needs to increase in order to make up for the lost calories when I reduce my fat intake.

Too little protein: I only get in about 300 grams of protein each day. I need to increase this.

WAY too much sugar: This comes from the ice cream shakes at night and all the milk I drink. Approx. 300g each day, which is way too much.

I maintain my weight at around 6500-7000 calories, depending on activity level that day. Like I said, I used software to figure this out (I checked and rechecked stuff when I saw this number), so it’s accurate.

So here are the things I need to do: reduce fat and sugar intake, raise carb and protein intake, all without increasing the volume of food I take in, as I eat a ton already. Any suggestions you guys have will help.

Seriously? No bites?

Cut out the milk add an extra scoop of protein in water. Cut out the sugar and increase lean protien and vegetable intake. Not rocket science just eliminate the crap replace with the good.