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Diet Resistant Fat

I work out 1.5 hours, 4-5 days a week, which includes light to moderate cardio, and moderate to heavy lifting…I’m 5’11 197 lbs and with an embarrasing 23% body fat with a nice spare tire. I’ve been working out for a long time (4 yrs), i watch what i eat (no candy or sweets), 95% of my foods are always fat free/reduced fat.

I eat heads of broccoli and caulifower, lean meats like turkey and chicken and drink plenty of water. Oh and I spend an insane amount of money of the “#1 Protein”, but i don’t see any results.

Is my body fat diet resistant?? With as much hard work that i do, I can’t seem to reach my goals. Can anyone relate?

why are you reducing your fats? they arnt bad for you, if anything a good source of fat in your diet will help you lose weight

So you say you can’t seem to reach your goals, but what are your goals exactly? I don’t think you have specified. Are you trying to lose fat while maintaining weight? Or are you trying to lose weight/fat period? If you’re trying to lose fat and maintain weight, know that it’s not the optimal way to lose fat. It will be slow.

If you are planning to lose fat, then you’ll need to eat below your maintenance calories. You need to specify your goals and then you can say you failed on them.

Also, you don’t look like 23% form your picture, there’s definitely some definition there and that’s hard to get over 20%.

If you are trying to loose fat by not eating any/much fat…your going at it wrong. Your body NEEDS fats.

Figure out how much your body needs to maintain it’s current weight. Then drop 3-500kcal/day and ride that amount for a few weeks. Take measurements to make sure your loosing at the right places (waist and any other ‘fat’’ area you may have).

Anyone can drop weight, it’s not rocket science.

Do some searches on here for diets like the t-dawg 2.0 diet or as an extreme: a ketosis diet.

If you have enough time to put a picture of you up as an avatar, you have enough time to do your own research.

[quote]B rocK wrote:

If you have enough time to put a picture of you up as an avatar, you have enough time to do your own research.[/quote]

haha, this made me laugh, cos like putting up an avatar takes so damn long.

Anyway, reduced/low/no fat food is usually worse then the full fat version. Not always, but more often then not its just replaced by some sort of sugar that makes you fatter.

thanks for the info fellas…

Yeah, you’re eating too much. Seriously, what did you think?

Eat your protein, eat good carbs and fats, eat fibrous veggies, and create an actual deficit

fat loss isn’t some magical process where eating “kleen” makes the numbers irrelevant.

And it doesn’t sound like you are necessarily even doing that. Dairy, fruits, veggies, whole grains as carb sources is pretty kleen, with some sugary shit allowed peri and post workout. Low fat processed sugar isn’t the same thing.

But the main point, you absolutely have to create a deficit or you will not lose weight, period.