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Diet Recomendations (Hi, TT)


Well Terry suggested I start my own thread instead of free riding on everyone elses so here it goes.

First the basic info:
-19 years old
-5'7, 130-135 pounds.
-training for 1.5 years
-%bf 10-12%

Due to my weight it is fairly obvious I need to put on some mass. My bf may be a little lower than that as I have had to judge it via ab visability because my calipers hid themselves on me(I cannot afford new ones till I get my schooling payed for this year) and my body seems to have a preference for storing fat on my lower abdominals (possible sign of carbohydrate sensativity?) which doesn't make it the most accurate of methods.

For training I am following Joel Marions Training for Sequential Size Development. It involves shorter but more frequent training sessions so I am lifting 6 days a week(4 on 1 off). Due to the amount of lifting I am doing I stopped doing any form of cardio(I used to be doing HIIT) so I do not over tax my energy systems.

Because my bf is not that low I feel I should be pretty careful about how many cals/carbs I consume so I am going for a bulk that is at or not too far above maintenance. I am hoping I can still get a little bit of that new trainee effect and gain muscle without going overly heavy on the kcals.

Example of my current daily diet:

Meal 1:
1/2 cup Oats
1 Scoop Protein Powder
5 grams psyillum husk(I have IBS so this helps that)

Meal 2:
2 Egg Whites
10 Almonds
10 Hazelnuts


Meal 3:
1/2 Cup Berries
0.75 Cup Black Beans
1/2 Chicken Breast
1/4 Cup Tomatoe Sauce
1 Cup Spinach

Before anyone jumps on me I am experimenting w/ low carb PWO intentionally. There is some debate still looming about whether or not high GI carbs are needed if glycogen depletion isn't that extensive l so I am not totally coming out of left field. In the past I have not noticed much of a diff. between high GI and low GI for me personally so I am exploring it further.

Meal 4:
3 Slices Avocado
4 Fish Oil Caps(630 mgs of EPA/DHA per cap)
Beef Jerky(Low sodium)

Meal 5:
1-2 Teaspoons of Udos Oil
127 Grams of Tuna

Meal 6:
1 Cup 1% CC
1 teaspoon Carlsons Fish Oil
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
handful of walnuts


3-a-day Multivitamin(Usana Essentials)
Sesathin(@ 2 grams per day)
Vitamin C(extra gram per day)

Well there you have it.. Any problems/comments you see/have please feel free to post. Critisism is why I posted this so don't be gentle.


Where's the protein? It seems you are getting roughly 100 grams of protein.

Much too little. You should be taking in at the minimum 1.5 grams per lb of BW, so 200 grams.

But since you're so skinny, 260 is probably better.

Good luck.


30 grams from tuna +
30 grams from jerky +
10 grams from egg whites +
28 grams from CC +
30 grams from chicken +
10 grams beans +
random bits =

Approx 140 grams.
I agree, although it is probably sufficient it is definitly on the low side and i will be upping it.


Where's the protein? <~~~~~My thoughts exactly!!


upped protein by 40 grams already today. Bison rocks :stuck_out_tongue:


you need at least 200 to 205 grams of protein per day if you want to add any LBM.


my first reaction is "why are you rationing yourself food" followed by... "if you are 130 lbs, where is the daily pizza?" j/j.

sounds like what you need to do is (within the limits of ibs, so maybe... slowly) increase your sources of calories without increasing the "volume" of your foods.
if you are not seeing desired weight gain after 3 wks, up kcal by 250 daily, might be a good way to start.

when i was 18-19 i was struggling to break the 145 plateau at a body fat percentage where you could see every rib. i am 28 now: i spent college getting to 155 lbs, and the 5 years since getting to 180, 10lb lbm in the last year.

with a plan and help like you have access to here, you should be able to do it much faster than i did.


Is it me or this guy is not getting enough fat? I noticed "teaspoon" of oils.. I use tablespoon which is like 4 times the amount. You need to read Beradi's recent articles about Massive eating which he talked about gradually adding calories per week or so. Beware, he recommends TONS of calories which I can't imagine consuming but i think it's a good program designed to get big without adding too much fat. You can't just eat crap for extra calories because of the way they affect your testerone production. Eat plently of "healthy" saturated fat such as "brown" eggs from roaming chickens that do not eat crap like those living in small cages in the factories. The lipid profile in the yolks are all screwed up. Pastured feed cows are much better so eat their meat, drink their milk (almost impossible to find) and raw butter sometimes found at health grocery store if you're lucky. It's better to drink organic WHOLE milk than skim milk. Stay away from refined vegetable oils (any source). This will ensure that your testerone production will be at optium level. Stay away from anything that are refined such as pizza, white bread, ice cream, etc. Just eat natural food such as potatoes,brown rice,oats, etc as much as you can eat and you will get huge without adding too much fat in a short time. Consume sugar (dextrose, maltose, glucose) only for your post workout drinks such as SURGE or homemade ones but rest of the time eat nutrient rich carbs.


nutridiary.com tells me I am already getting around 60 grams of fat per day.
That is approx 0.45 grams of Fat per pound of bodyweight. How much would you bump it up? My Saturated fat is probably a little low so I am gonna try to incorporate more eggs/beef into my diet.

I actually have read Berardi's massive eating numerous times(hence nutrient partioning etc) but I agree that the numbers are wayy to high so I am not following that for caloric requirements.

Thanks for the comments so far!


blam, I have to tell you, there's a lot of precision in your diet. It's a thing of beauty! (grin)

Let's run the numbers. I run everything based on LBM, which is 118 pounds in your case. I used 132 pounds and 11% BF to calculate your LBM.

Protein Requirements = LBM x 1.5g = 177g/day or 30g/meal

Fat Requirements = LBM x .5g = 60g/day

Carbs - We'll discuss these in a bit

The protein and fat requriement part of things isn't hard, and as I said, your diet looks pretty darn good. So what is it going to take to achieve your goals? The answer lies in the amount and timing and type of carbs you take in.

Your goal is to put on muscle with a minimum amount of fat. With those goals in mind, I'll make the following recommendations.

  • Add up all the carbs you eat in a week. On any week that you don't gain weight, increase carb calories by 250 calories per day. The goal should be to put on 1/2 pound to 1 pound per week.

  • As a starting point if you don't already have one, on days you don't work out, you should go for TBW in CHO grams (132g). On days you do work out, you should go for 2 x TBW in CHO grams (250g - 275g).

  • Take in starchy carbs PWO; oatmeal, yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, pasta. You should take in the majority of your carbs for the whole day in the two P+C PWO meals.

Blam, you do want to elicit an insulin response PWO. Insulin is a very anabolic hormone. It's not just about refilling glycogen stores.

  • On days you don't work out, switch to green veggie carbs. Starchy carbs (and Surge) should be reserved for PWO.

  • Have a serving of fruit with the two starchy-carb P+C PWO meals and another serving with your oatmeal in the morning.

Manipulation of carbs -- timing, type and amount -- is the key to your putting on muscle with a minimum amount of fat.

Questions, thoughts, comments? (grin)


TT, I'm in nearly the same situation as this guy, except I'm 15 YOA, same height, and 125 lbs. Stares at feet I know, I'm real light, but I'm not that skinny. I don't think. I've pretty much been doing what you've outlined there, I can provide a Fitday log of what I've been trying to do, but to sum it up, I'm taking around 130g carbs on non workout days @ 1900 kcal, and around 2400 kcal on workout days with 250-300 g carbs, usually around 50-60 g fat, and a whole bunch of protein.

In my case, most of those bodyweight calculations don't work, because 14x125 is a pretty small number. So, what should I be shooting for in terms of maintenance calories? I'm thinking with activities included, I'm probably around 2500-2600 daily. I do HIIT nearly every day, because I spend the first seven hours of the day on my ass at school and get bored. I'm lifting now 3x weekly rehabbing a broken arm, doing one of Alwyn Cosgrove's full-body plans. Do I have the right idea in terms of carbs here?


Hey, there, LoneLobo!!!

Just so you know, every one of us here had to start somewhere. And all of us are on a journey, trying to improve our body composition; some of trying to lose fat, some of us trying to put on muscle, but NONE OF US happy with where we are. (grin)

At your age, I would imagine you're right, that most of the bodyweight calculations aren't accurate; they're too low. I'm older than you, and my metabolism is a lot more stubborn. Most of the bodyweight calculations aren't accurate for me either; they're too high! (grin)

Ignore the bodyweight calculations. Since the carb grams/calories any person needs is going to vary greatly, just follow the advice I gave above. Increase carb calories by 250/day on any week that you don't gain weight. That in conjunction with the workout you're doing 3 days a week will slowly give you the results you're looking for.

Keep up the good work, LoneLobo. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!!! (grin)


TT, what is your opinion on CC? I know you are not a fan of milk products but I notice even berardi suggesting full fat yogurt in his massive eating reloaded article.

Is the 15 grams or so of lactose late at night something I should be worried about?(even though it IS coupled w/ some oil) From my understanding lactose can only replenish liver glycogen which is not a good thing. I dont think the added fat will even lower the glycemic load?? With that said I have about 8 pds of Casien/Milk Protein Isolate which I could use to replace the cottage cheese. Would this be benefical/reccomended?

Berardis Massive Eating Calculator tells me to down 3000 cals a day(and I am rounding down). Even though I am still young that number seem absolutely insane so I am gonna start at 2000 cals a day. Think this will be sufficient?


blam, my recommendation is that you add up all the calories you currently eat in the course of a week and then add in 250 calories per day on any week you don't gain weight. Forget the Massive Eating Calculator.

I like to cut out dairy when people are cutting for a number of reasons. A lot of people have a bit of an intolerance to milk, but don't realize it. When they cut dairy out of their diet, they break plateaus and start losing weight again. Thus my personal prejudice where dairy is concerned.

Since you're bulking, don't worry about it. Enjoy your cottage cheese. (grin)


:stuck_out_tongue: Cottage cheese IS alot more tasty then a grainy Casien shake.

Is there any reasoning behind why JB recommends WF yogurt other than the saturated fat? Yesterday my fat total came to 63 grams, 18 saturated which seems a little high. Do you think 18 grams is enough saturated fats to keep T levels up? I know Omega-3's(EPA/DHA) and Sesamine(both of which I consume in adequate dosages) can lower T levels.


blam, JB's recommended equal parts of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Your numbers are looking pretty good. Mono's also support T levels, so don't forget them.