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Diet Re-Evaluation, Nutritionist Help Wanted

So I am something of an extremist and think I may be taking my diet a little too far in the protein direction. My lifts have been dropping recently, though admittedly the way I am training is less power oriented at the moment. For example, I used to weigh 165lbs and ramp up to 8 reps with 225/265/285 on Bench, squat and deadlift, respectively.

Now I am down to 140-145lbs and yesterday couldn’t finish 3x10 on bench with 185#, 225# on squats or 260# on deadlift. **** that.

I have been using fitday to track my diet for the past few weeks and eating zero processed foods, with the exception of cheese. My caloric load breaks down to being 12% carbs, 50% protein, 38% fat at around 2500 calories total (over 300g protein per day). I train a lot, 5+ times/week, and vary my routine and activites but make sure to hit one of the big lifts every session.

I have heard/read vague statements that the “low carb” diet is not as effective with excess caloric load from protein, as protein may be converted to glucose, effectively negating the whole point. So basically, I am wondering if I should eat more fat? I’m afraid my body will degenerate further as I have conditioned it to burn so much protein as fuel? AHHH I’m scared. Any thoughts, especially from nutrition experts/trainers would be much appreciated.

I’m far from an expert, but I’ll give my personal experience.

I tried the high fat/moderate protein/low carb approach and I did lose fat, but my weights slowly dropped, and my workouts lacked intensity. In fact, I felt so shitty during the workout, I decided it wasn’t worth eating that way any longer. The ensuing resluts were incredible.

I added in steel cut oats every morning, plenty of fruits, a sweet potatoe with dinner, and lots of veggies throughout. Plus some form of simple carb 30 minutes prior to lifting(SWF worked best). My gym sessions haven’t been better, and not only that, but I’m losing more fat following this balanced approach. Every body type will react differently. As for me, I will never drop to near zero carbs again.

This probably isn’t what you are looking for, but hopefully it helps in some regard.

What are you trying to accomplish?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You want help from a nutritionist, then you should expect to pay. Sure, I am a nutritionist, and I do give out free help, but not to someone actively asking for nutritionist help - if you comprehend the difference, lol.


So essentially, be a poster of a few months and drop a few questions randomly in threads that you post in…

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