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Diet Questions

Hey everyone. Iam new to the whole bodybuilding diet and iam trying to teach myself as i go, but as of right now iam stuck in a rut. I want to put on 4 or 5 pounds of good weight before my show in march.

Since iam new to all this i dont know if thats an achiveable goal. I currently weigh around 179 and iam in the process of logging my diet so i can see how much i eat, but any help you could give me or any kind of diet would be much appreciated. Thanks!

You’re asking how to put on muscle but you have a show scheduled for early next year? I can’t say that’s all that wise. If your pictures are recent ones, you definitely have a good base, but may still want to wait a while before a show.

Anyway, to answer your question, and this is essentially the only answer you’re going to get around here, is to eat MUCH more and sleep more.