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Diet Question

This is probably a stupid question, and i’m probably missing something, but how do you workout how many calories you need just to maintain your current weight? and how much do you add to this for days you workout?

I don’t have any real issues with my current weight and just want to clean up my diet and lose the a little bit of fat, after which i can reevaluate my goals and should hopefully have better habbits regarding food.

Everything on this site appears to be for either gain or loss?

there are a lot of formulas out there to figure this out and all they really do is give you a baseline to start from.

Since you just want to maintain, why not keep a food log of what you are currently eating, also monitor your body composition every week or two. If you’re losing too much weight, eat more. if you’re not losing enough, do more activity. if you are balanced… then you just found out your balance. and yes, it takes a while to find that out!

This will vary based on your exercise efforts and your diet, so don’t go jumping into anything drastically different during your evaluation time.

when it’s time to start shredding off some fat, start by doing more activity, sometimes this makes restricting calories unneeded.

good luck

Thanks Cu.