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Diet question

Alright. i have a simple question regarding diet. i plan on consuming md6 for the next 3 weeks on a diet phase and upping my cardio to 3-4x/week (from 1-2). i also plan on cutting calories and carbs slightly in this span. my question is, should i use my 80-20 mix of androsol-nandrosol (i poured them together b/c i was low on both) during this phase to preserve muscle, or should i wait until after the diet and increase my cals and such so the androsol might have a better effect on protein synthesis? i know this is a very generalized question, but i tend to lose a lot of gains from andro-nandro during a regular diet phase, and i do not want this to happen. stats: 6’2 185# 12-14%bf… i am just wondering whether to use both products together or to go off of one and use the other. my goal, of course, is to lower bf/increase muscle mass in the most efficient way possible. anybody have any thoughts? thanks for any info… --rush7

sorry. had to reply to my own msg to keep it from falling off… anybody have any thoughts? anything? should i use these two products at the same time (for 3 weeks) or should i use 3 wks md6 followed by 3 weeks andro-nandro for more results (lower bf, higher lbm)? any thoughts are appreciated. thanks.