Diet Question

here is the dilema…for the first time in about my nine months of dieting it seems like ive lost some strength. my lifting today went to absolute crap. my only question is could it be my diet choice(Cheater’s Diet) in which i did lose quite a bit of weight and am on 4-ad-ec. my only question is should i change diets preferably t-dawg 2.0…because well my on cycle of the cheater’s diet is up on wednesday…should i just wait it out and finish or go straight to t-dawg starting tomorrow…

10 days at maintenance calories and then return to it.

yeah i’ll try that out thanks…should i up my carbs a bit too…and drop the 4-ad-ec and go straight into “M” or no

Definitely up your carbs. You can drop the 4AD, and you don’t need the M.

Nine months of dieting? How big were you?

well i was about 250lbs at 39% bf…right now im around 190 and my tanita says im at 20% but im guessing that im closer to 17% or so, bc its been saying i was at 20% since i weighed 215 and ive deff. gotten stronger and more muscle since then.

Nice job Dizzle. Thunder gives some sound advice. I would go to the T-Dawg after the ten days of upping the carbs. I know you know, but keep the carbs clean. I’ve had great results using the T-dawg, methoxy-7 and the edt programs. In your original post you mention strength loss. I wouldn’t worry about that as much as getting to 10% or below. You’ll burn a ton of calories on Edt (if you train hard) and possibly gain some muscle. Keep up the good work.Peace.