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Diet Question

I’ve been using P+C P+F eating for several months now and while the science behind it seems solid and my strength gains have been decent even while dieting I haven’t been pleased with the speed of my overall fat loss. I know that I may just be asking for too much but patience is not in my nature. Question: Has anyone tried a diet where you follow 1 or 2 week cycles of clean eating with 1 or 2 week cycles of ketogenic eating. The reason I ask this is that I have done a Keto diet before and I would always plateau after a few weeks, but if I “cheated” for a day or two I would gain a pound or two and immediately start losing fat/weight quickly for awhile. Anyone else have this experience. I have used a small cheat meal with the current clean eating plan but with no such luck.

Second Question: Anyone have any luck with Mag 10 or 4-AD with strength gains while on a keto or cutting phase. I know mass gains are prob out but just performance gains, even slight. Any feedback appreciated..