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Diet Question - Fruits & Veggies


I've been lifting for over two years and have recently hit a wall. I have been stuck around 150-155 pounds for over two months and haven't been able to gain weight. I'm looking to gain another 15-20 pounds. If anybody has some advice to better my eating habits a little it would be very appreciated.

I weight train 4-5 times a week.
Here's a little bit of diet background information.


Weight = 115 Pounds
Body Fat = 3-4 %
Height = 5'9"


Weight= 152 Pounds
Body Fat = 5%

I have an extremely fast metabolism. So I haven't worried too much about eating unhealthy foods.

My normal eating habits are.

Morning: Protein shake+8 oz milk, recently added a sausage+egg biscuit

Afternoon Lunch: Usually a Terrayki Bowl or a Philly Cheese Steak

Afternoon Snack: Protein Bar

Late Day Dinner(after workout): Usually something with a lot of calories, 2 burgers from McDonalds or Wendys or something.

Night Time Snack: Usually a well balanced meal, chicken + rice and vegetables

Before Bed Meal: Protein shake + 8 oz milk

I usually drink with friends 3-4 times a week, and I'm cutting down to 1 time since reading some articles on T-Nation about alcohol consumption. One thing i've wondered about is the fact that I don't eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. From my understanding though, most people who eat these foods are using them as healthy carb substitutes to pastas or bread.

Since I don't have to worry about getting fat I haven't really eaten a lot of fruits or vegetables. Is this an ignorant mistake? Any input would be appreciated.


1--You are not healthy at 3-5% bf for any length of time. Get that into your head. NOT healthy!

2--Give the 'fast metaboslism' thing a rest. How would you know? You donm't eat enough to even quantify your metabolism into the equation.

3--That is one bizarre diet for someone interested in putting on weight/mass. Not enough quality fats or protein. I see at least 2 places you could get at least another 500 calories in.

4--Why would you even worry about 'substituting carbs' by eating fruit and veggies at this stage. Of course you should be eating fruits and veggies. That's just moronic to ask.


Basically your diet is crap. A protein shake with 8oz. of milk and a egg/sausage biscuit is breakfast?????
Have you read anything on this web-site? A couple of McD's???? You're not serious are you? READ.



A couple of burgers from Wendys? Why not have a couple of QUALITY burgers you made for yourself using grass-fed beef, on a wholemeal roll. It isn't difficult.