Diet Question for Athlete

I just have a quick question. I’m currently right around 7-8% bf at around 165-170 lbs. I am a collegiate point guard. My current diet usually looks something like this:

breakfast-1 1/2 cups plain oatmeal w/a little skim milk
1st workout of day
post workout shake with around 25 g carbs, 40 gprotein

lunch-sliced chicken on whole wheat with some vegetable(cucumber, carrots, peppers), yogurt

afternoon snack/meal-pb and j on whole wheat

2nd workout
post workout shake with same nutitional stats as before

big dinner-usually lots of grilled chicken, vegetables, beans, rice or pita

about an hour before bed-usually an apple with 2 tbsp of peanut butter

I’m not trying to gain any weight. My strength and size are good. I’m just wondering what changes I should make to drop the last couple of percentages of bf. Obviously, I’m not looking for anything drastic. Just something to be effective over the course of 3,4,6, months, whatever. Thanks and def appreciate the help.

Your at 7-8% and an athlete not a BBer who relies on uber low BF to win their chosen sport. Do you really feel drooping to extremely low BF will have a positive impact on your performance and energy which should be your #1 concern. 7-8% is pretty darn low as is


I have to agree with Phill here,

I used to play bball at a high level here in Australia before injuring myself, and to me there seem’s no reason to drop bf that low, unless like Phill said your a BBer.
I’m not sre why you want to? maybe are you getting puffed out and think it is from extra bf?

if this is the reason you should have good cardio with the training you do, but you may have other things your over looking, for example do you have drinks wth your friends? and at party’s? do you smoke every now and then? drink much soda? If so you may want to cut all of those things out for the 3,4,6 months.

Maybe even the PB & J sandwiches, I dont know why people eat them? Yeah they taste good! but if I eat them and then try to keep up running or what ever it does not get very east when eating them, or eating P-butter.

Just my thought.

Good luck champ