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Diet & Program Help

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the long post, but I will try to keep it to the point.

Height 6feet
Weight 172lbs
BF% approx 13.5%

Current daily food intake looks like,
5:30am 1.5 cups of oatmeal
6:40-7:50 workout
8:00 protein shake
10:30am peanut butter sandwich, 1 cup of coffee
12:30pm 1 cup pasta, chicken breast, olive oil
5:45pm 1 cup pasta, 1 cup vegetables, chicken breast, olive oil
8:00pm 2 cups chocolate milk, 1.5 cups yogurt
6-8 cups of water throughout

Current lifting:
Squat 240lbs 3x5, or 205lbs 5x5
Deadlift 225lbs 3x3 or 285lbs for 1
Beach 155lbs 5x5
OHP 100lbs 5x6

Goals for end of October:
Squat 255lbs 3x5
Deadlift 315lbs for 1
Bench 185lbs 1x5
OHP 115lbs 5x5

Lifiting stats from May
Squat 200lbs 5x5
Deadlift 235lbs 1x5
Bench 125lbs 5x5
OHP 112.5lbs 5x5

Looking back, my form was awful for squats and ohp so I really worked on that after lowering the weight. My knees and lower back thank me already lol.
My grip wasn’t up to par for deadlifts so I have been doing at least some grip work at the end of a deadlift session.

Currently lifting 3 days a week on average, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
If I have lots of energy Saturday is an accessory day for abs, lower back etc.
Daily I have been doing about 10min of mobility work for my hips/legs since the wide/sumo squat I take feels tight if I don’t.
Doing stronglifts routine squat 3x5, ohp 5x5, dead 1x5 alternate / squat 3x5 bench 5x5 and back 5x5.

My main two questions are, how do I increase my food/calorie intake? I dont care about bf% so much as getting strong.
My second question is what is a good program for weekly strength goals?
I guess I’m just bored of the routine of SL and looking for a change that will keep me progressing.

Personally your diet is kinda funny looking. Why are drinking chocolate milk before bed? I understand not being lean is ok with you but that’s just dumb in my opinion. I would drink the chocolate milk with your post workouts shake but maybe you have a method to the madness.

Adding calories is fairly simple the way you have your diet set up. Add 3-4 eggs to breakfast that a zadditional 300 calories. Add 8-16 oz of milk to each main meal that’s a additional 50g of protein a day and extra fat depending on what kind of milk you drink. Switch to a tuna sandwich adds alot of extra proton compared to peanut butter and if your needing higher fat just mix with Mayo for extra calories. Lastely substitute the yogurt for cottage cheese. Its a much slower digesting protein than youguet and will help you much more at night. Add a half scoop of chocolat protein to a cup of cottage cheese and your looking at 40g of good slow digesting protein and roughly 10g of fat. Should be fine keeping everything else the same unless your just having a horrible time putting on weight.

As for a program change at your current strength level I suggest 531 big but boring program or WS4SB. Both are awesome programs. May want to look at the Ed Coan Thread in the power lifting section. I am about to give it a run myself. Keep up your intensity keep rating get plenty of sleep and your def on the right track.

Thanks so much for your reply. I will be getting some new foods for sure later this weekend. I actually really dislike eggs. Its probably how I am cooking them (scrambled) but I can’t stand them. I’m not the best chef so trying new things in the kitchen is hard. The tuna/mayo idea seems like a killer one, and easy to make. How are the eggs supposed to be cooked? (there are no dumb questions right? :P)

The chocolate milk before bed was actually becuase in my head I read that milk products digest slower, so before bed makes sense to me. I mix my protein shake with milk too if that helps at all. It does give me some odd dreams though so I will attempt to just have it with dinner and something else before bed like the cottage cheese you suggested. I know you said to try having milk at every meal, but the lunch and snack ones would be difficult since I work in an office and milk is almost always for people’s coffee.

The program I will be attempting will be the Ed Coan one for sure. It feels like something more interesting and having a linear progress will help me for sure. I can’t really do the WS4SB v3 since I dont have jump boxes at my gym so the dynamic leg day is kind of shot. Is http://www.joeskopec.com/coancalc.html the calculator you need?

Milk products do digest slower and drinking a large glass of milk before would not be a bad idea but chocolate milk before is alot of simple sugar cause insulin to spike could keep you at night and is never a good thing for fat loss to go o bed with alot of sugar on the belly.

The milk thing don’t worry so much about milk at each snack just the main meals breakfast and lunch. Would you be able to bring your own milk each day and store in a fridge at work… if not then don’t worry so much about it its just one meal.

Eggs can be boring if you don’t get creative but get you a pan spray with no stick spray or oil of choice if you don’t mind the calories and now put four eggs in pan add two cap fulls of milk ( makes them some what fluffy ) and add some of your favorite cheese I love mixing a ounce or two of velvetta and adding a little tomatoe and taco seasioning and wrapping up in a whole grain tortilla or two. Or you could add some vegetables or what ever eggs are literally only limited to you imagination. But can not go wrong with cheese. Cook on medium heat so they don’t scorch.

Have tun with the routine but also just for thought dynamic work can be done with out a box for sure. Long jumps, sprints, sled pulls, speed squats ie 45% of Max done very quickly, hang and power cleans list goes on forever. But Coans program will def give you a good base and for sure its a no thinking program just do… which alot of people need. Any other questions I will answer to best of my ability once again hope this helps.

If you can afford it, I’d try to get and get a scoop of protein in before if you’re not going to take a preworkout.