Diet. Please Critique

I?m 28, male, 5’8.

Here?s the deal I need to drop 5-7lbs in the next 17 days. Basically if I could drop at least 2 lbs a week I would be set. I currently weigh 162lbs and would like to be between 155-157lbs. I am currently at 8% b/f. I am not currently dieting. My cal intake per day stands between 2500-2800 a day. Since I?m not currently dieting, I should drop fat fairly quickly.

As for training and cardio, I will be lifting 3x a week and doing intense cardio for 4 45min sessions a week.

1st Meal : ? cup oatmeal with 2 scoops of whey protein. Cals=370, Carbs 31grams, Protein 47grams. Take vitamins: 1 multi Vitamin, 2grams Vitamin C, 1gram calcium, Vitamin B complex, 400 i.u Vitamin E, 500mg Magnesium.

2nd Meal: ? cup oatmeal, 2scoops whey protein. Cals=370, Carbs 31grams, Protein 47grams.

3rd Meal: ? cup oatmeal, 2scoops whey protein. Cals=370, Carbs 31grams, Protein 47grams.

4th Meal: 1 cup brown rice, one chicken breast, tossed green salad with a tbsp of balsamic vinegar. Cals 400, Protein 32grams, Carbs 55grams. Take Vitamins. 2grams Vitamin C, 400 i.u Vitamin E.

5th Meal: 8grams Salmon oil. Cals 300.

6th Meal Optional if I?m fricken hungry. 1 scoop of whey, 5 tsp of Metamucil. Cals 220, Protein 22grams, Carbs 25grams.

Bedtime: Take 100mg of Zinc.

Total Cals 1800-2000, Protein 173-195, Carbs 150-175grams.

I will be drinking at least a gallon of water a day. BTW low carbs don?t work for me. I bonk if I go lower than 150grams a day.

That?s it. All criticism welcome.

Tampa Terry, Joel M help.

Cheater Diet / EDT.

Ditto on what Ike said…Cheater’s Diet with EDT!!! Gonna have to go low carb if you want to lose that weight, then do a re-feed. Read the article and it will make sense.

I cant find the link for the cheaters diet i put it in the search but got nada. Can you post a link please?

It not a bad plan but I think it could probably be better.
1)Man can not live on whey alone!
mix it up a bit. Whey is not the most filling/satisfying protein source, and relying on whey for four of your meals sounds like an average plan. if you want to have shakes get a casien blend (apprently the guys who run this website make one, GROW, i think…).
Take the whey based shakes at meal one and postworkout, other times you really should have some other slow digesting protein.
2) more veges, low carb filling=good
3)fats. You are getting some from your salmon and oatmeal, however i would be inclined to bump up my fat (omega 3)intake and drop some of the carbs. this is a short diet and you will cope. The cheaters diet (JM) would kick ass in your cicumstances
4) what is your post workout meal?
5)personally i would take magnesium before bed. It helps me sleep better, also i tend to keep it away from high calcium intakes (ie at the same meal).

You could keep the whey for meal 1, but get Low Carb Grow for the others. For an explanation why, read “Bedtime Story” by John M. Berardi.

Replace the oatmeal in meal 2 and/or 3 with flax oil.

Where do your workouts fit in to this schedule?

I’m gonna bump up the salmon oil to 10grams. I’ll take a look a the cheaters diet.