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diet planning

Can some one help me out? I’m trying to set up a food log for a mass building cycle with mag 10 and tribex stack. I’m 160 lbs and trying to figure out how many calories to take for the 2 week cycle with the Mag 10. Also whats a rule of thumb with carbs?

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I have heard alot of great things about Mauro’s Metabolic Diet. Its what Poliquin used with David Boston I believe. I have used variations of it to give it a test run and I feel pretty good so far.

See the “Poliquin-style Diet Support Group” thread for more info. BTW, Boston is one of the few athletes with whom CP works that is not on such a diet. He’s a genetic freak that can handle carbs very well. This type of diet would not be optimal for training on Mag-10.

Heeey, Jason, I was in the same position about two months ago before i started hitting the gym reall hard after an injury caused me to lose lots of mass. I strongly reccommend that you check out the dieting article “Massive Eating” by John Berardi: (www.t-mag.com/html/body_146mass.html) Its a fantastic article that will get you well on your way. A good follow up to this for a great list of food items is “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid” (www.t-mag.com/nation_javaforum/new_train.html)
Good luck Jay!