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Diet Plan?

Alright I am a 17 yea old 6’0 201 lb guy. I work out lifting weights and cardio about 3-4 times a week. No in order to lose a bit more weight I need to go on a bout a 2100 calorie diet a day… so anyone that knows anything about planning diets would you be a ble to give me a diet plan for that many cal’s a day. What I am trying to do is lost fat, but as well gain some muscle. Thanks.

#1 2100 cals is wat damn low if you need that you have a seriously down ramped metabolism or no muscle.

Check out the newbie thread

Read the nutrition stuff, look at JB’s 7 habits article maybe t-dawg 2.0 as a good basic foundation diet.


Alright then thanks. I was just going off a calculator and tat’s how much it said I need for fat loss. I’ll check out those things you told me to.