Diet Plan w/o Optimal Cooking Facilities

I live in a dorm and do not really have access to anything other than a microwave and blender. Dining hall serves hot dogs and pizza basically. Would it be possible/ would I be able to have a balanced diet if I based my meals on eggs, egg whites, oats, protein powder, olive oil and fruits and vegetables? I take creatine too but maybe that is a whole other matter, just wanted to mention that since I won’t be eating red meats.

I know its not optimal but is it realistic. I can stay pretty dedicated to a diet even if it isn’t super tasty, cut weight for wrestling a lot.

You can bake potatoes in the microwave. Put them in a bowl with a quarter cup of water, and put a small plate on top. Its about 6-7 minutes and a lot better than oats, or at least an alternative.

Plus there are semi-cooked rice trays that are fantastic and take 90 seconds in the microwave to finish. There are about 3 different brands.

I’d much rather have rice or potatoes. Also you can get some shelf stable oils like Ghee, coconut butter, red palm, as alternatives to olive oil.

Potatoes or rice and eggs with veggies sounds a lot better than oatmeal to me.

Potatoes and rice definitely sound a lot better than oats every day. Thanks for the help

Oatmeal with virgin coconut oil is pretty good. You can also get an electric kettle to boil water.

I’ll have to try that thanks for the tips man

Get a "Slow cooker (crocpot) and read Chris Shugarts’ article “The simple diet for athletes.”

Portable induction hotplate my friend. Cheaper and smaller than a microwave (you need the right cookware)

Don’t forget canned tuna and sardines.

Don’t know what grocery stores you have access to, but most sell rotisserie chickens for $5-$8. Works out to about 1 lb of cooked meat at a pretty reasonable cost.

Canned tuna is a good option with salads. Oatmeal and potatoes can be done in a microwave really easily. With the potatoes you don’t even have to add water or anything. Just cut it into smaller pieces and put it directly in the microwave.

You can also try to cook things in bulk for the whole week. I’m not a huge fan of this as it seems to reduce nutritional value, but it can still be useful nonetheless.