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Diet Plan to Gain 5lbs/Month?


I'm a 17 year old athlete looking to do relatively clean bulking and gain around 5 pounds per month. My plan looks like this so far:

6 egg whites, 2 yolks, sausage and an apple

Mid morning
Turkey or tuna sandwich, protein bar, vegetable (carrots, celery, or broccoli)

Turkey, egg or tuna sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, nuts, apple

Post workout
Creatine and protein shake

Whatever my parents make

Eggs/Sandwich/Protein, fruit, nuts

Work in 1/2 gallon of two percent milk throughout the day

Is this a good diet plan to achieve my goals? What can I change to make it better?


A 17 year old that plays sports does not need a strict "clean bulk."

Do not waste your noob gains on worrying about eating too much fat or too many carbs.

EAT, for the love of sh*t, EAT.

Take a multivitamin, 5g of creatine a day, and AT LEAST one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

On top of that eat more than you think you need. Save the "tuna sandwich and veggie" snacks for when your metabolism isn't running like a hummingbird on crack.


The only real way to see if your plan will work is to do it and stand on the scale. If the number is up that it is working. If not that you need to eat more.

I gather that your goal is to gain 5 lbs a month. It can be very difficult to assess the calories needs of adolecent athletes. Your height, weight, body comp, activity level and whether or not you are still growning all come into to play. Then throw in that you want to gain more weight. You would be very surprised how many calories you would actually need to gain weight. Think 4000-5000 range. Also understand that a "clean bulk" would be very diffcult with these type of energy needs. What you posted looks like about 3300 calories, maybe.

Long story short. I can tell what does not work for gaining weight. Speculation. Just eat already!!!


you need to keep concentrate at your goals and do proper training and diet for this ...


5lbs LBM a month? That is not going to happen. CT has recommended 2lbs a month LBM is the upper limit. Any more than that is going to be fat, muscle glycogen stores and water.

Get your proteins in (1-1.5g+ p/lb of BW) and then get the remaining calories from carbs/fats. Your body has an upper limit for building muscle. Once over the upper limit in relation to calorie intake, your body will then start to store the 'overspill' as fat.


Peanut butter sandwiches. Triple decker bad boys. Have a few a day :wink:


Can you tell us more like training history, bf percentage, weight. Pics and stuffs would all be usefull.

  1. Clean bulking is only relative to your body composition. So don't be afraid of rich foods. If you don't already know how, start cooking your own bodybuilding meals. Check this thread for examples: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/la_cucina_anabolica_italiana

  2. Eat animals. You can and should eat more fats like ground beef (drain excess fat from cooking), chicken thighs, coconut oil, sautee veggies in butter, eat more egg yolks.

  3. Eat body building carbs for God's sake: rice, oats, potatoes. You absolutely are not going to grow on a couple sammys and a couple apples. You need starches.


Hes 17 for fucks sake. That means he's still growing.

Dont post if you dont know what youre talking about. There is literally nothing worse than someone who parrots information.

And glycogen and water IS lean body mass you clown.


I'm 5'10, haven't weighed myself in a while but I'm around 170. I've been lifting on and off for football since freshman year but really started to dedicate myself to training and see gains last year on Westside for Skinny Bastards III. Idk what my body fat % is and since I'm training for sports rather than bb I don't really care as long as I don't look fat or it affects my speed or endurance. Right now I'm starting the original Westside for skinny bastards with an extra olympic lifts/crossfit/kettlebell conditioning day and speed work. I'm looking to play rugby in college and 190 is a good weight for my position at my height. I haven't maxed yet this winter but my lifts are:

Floor press: 190x5
Squat: 285x8
Hang clean 5x170

I'm pretty happy with my physique or w/e and keep in mind I won't be cutting since this isn't bulking for bodybuilding, I'm just looking to gain functional size without a real noticeable amount of fat


Yeah I just meant clean bulking as in eating a relatively healthy diet thats not gonna fuck up my heart long term or something like that since my family has a history of high cholesterol. Also since I'm not gonna be cutting I probably can't get away with as much as competitive bodybuilders do. Where do you think I should add those foods into my diet? I'm thinking I'll add an extra egg to breakfast, ground beef and other fats to my lunch and carbs as sides to lunch and dinner and night snack.


Is there anything keeping you from eating a big portion of meat multiple times a day?

Imo id eat atleast an 8oz portion of meat three times a day whether its chicken steak or fish. Forget the egg whites replace them with whole eggs. Try to figure out how man cals you need and figure outt about how much protein fat and carbs you need to hit that.
Save the tuna sandwiches for when you're on the go and can't get a full meal.
Don't be scared to have a burger every now and again its not going to kill you.

The only other thing id add is some starchy carbs like rice or potatos with the meat as well as some fruit or vegetables with every meal.



I hope someone is patient.

Good luck