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Diet Plan Opinions

I will be dieting down come mid-march. I wanted the pros’ opinion on my diet for contest.

Check it out here (170lbs or more): www.jimmythomas.com/training/members/leanmain.htm

Also, if you have something better, let me know.

I’m currently at about 18-21% BF (full house) @ 200 lbs

Here’s what I’m doing next month, I have almost exactly the same stats as you.


It’s very similar to what you are planning on doing but it adds lots of veggies and doesn’t have strict rules. I really like variety because it’s tough for me to eat the same thing every day. With my plan I know what I’m allowed to eat, I can eat as much of it as I want, and I must eat at least 5 times per day.

I hate to tell you but unless you have a ridiculously long time to your show, you are going to be no where close to ready if you are at 18-21% bodyfat. IMO I’d skip the show, work on getting down to 10-12% then see where you are and probably realize you need a good 20 lbs of lbm back on ya before you should look at doing a show…just my 2cc

He’s addressed that issue before, I’m pretty sure it not till what, July Hussayn? And he said he got roped into, even though he’d rather keep bulking. Either way, if I was you I’d consider maybe cutting down 5% then keep bulking if you decide to skip the show. Either way, good luck , your doin well.

If he has to be ready by july, he should start cutting now, and take two weeks or two one week higher calorie weeks during the cut to preserve lean mass or even rebound.

Pretty standard ketogenic diet. You could try a carb cycling approach. I tend to like it better than a straight ketogenic diet.

Good Luck.

If he is 200lbs and 20% that means he has to drop 30lbs of fat to hit about 6% @ 170lb.

How tall?

Probably a little more weight than that, you have to consider body water and such that decreases with fat mass. I’ve lost my share of weight.

Sorry for my lack of my participation of my own thread.

Yes, I am at about 20%, 200 lbs at 5’6. I aim to drop 30 lbs and be at ~5 percent. I know i can do it, I have the proper metabolism/genes and discipline. It’s just the matter of time. I think from march 5th to july 5th (4 months, 16 weeks) is enough time.

I was just concerned about my diet, if it was right or not. I do intend to carb cycle for 6 days every six weeks (that is the right approach from what i remember), with one cheat meal a month.

Current stats:
Amrs: 16.5"
Neck" 17.5"
Quads: 28.5"
waist: (belly button): 37 (goal to be at 20")
Chest: 48" (off memory, will check to be sure when i get home)
Calves: 16" – Edit 17" (the daily workouts are paying off, i’m surprised)
Forearms: 14"

Any input is appreciated.

Here are my current pictures



#3 attempt 2.

Looks like you added some good mass. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to really bulk. Looking forward to the results of your cut dude.

I’m kind of interested to see how you do aswell, don’t forget to post after pics, and don’t cop out!