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Diet Plan Help


Sorry to seem like a newbie, I guess the only way to know something is to ask (or read of course). I want to gain muscle as fast as possible without gaining to much body fat percentage. I tried reading up on the g-flux article but it got me more confused on the subject. My stats are:
Height: 5'9 1/2
Weight: 155lbs (I know, I'm considered scrawny on here but read on..)

My plan is:
Breakfast: (Biggest meal)
- 5 egg whites (85 calories) w/ ketchup (140 calories [for the amount I use])
- 1 bowl of Total cereal (100 calories)
- 1 Banana (110 calories)

Snack #1: (10 AM)
- 1 Apple (80 calories)

- 1 sandwhich (gonna ballpark 350 calories)
o 6 oz. of turkey/chicken
o Lettuce
o Two pieces of american cheese
o Mustard
- 1 Banana (110 calories)

Snack #2: (about 3 PM)
- 1 apple (80 calories)

Dinner: (6 PM)
- Any fish, pasta, etc. Try not to go over 400-500 calories.

Late Snack: (No later than 8 PM)
- Yogurt (90-100 calories)

I have one of those body types that can gain fat pretty easily (especially from carbs) but I know how important carbs are for muscle gain. Is this plan to light/heavy for me? What would you guys recommend changing?


If you have one of those bodies that gain fat easily why do you eat so many carbs in the afternoon/evening and are afraid of fat (egg whites)?

You are eating how many calories?

I just have the feeling that you are trying something like a low-fat, moderate carb, low calorie thing and I don?t think that this is your best option.


Yeah your diet sucks for gaining muscle. Where is the fat? Where is the protein? Where are the carbs? You need to take everything you're eating and double it, maybe more.

I calculated just under 1600 calories there. Seriously- double it.

Also- How do you gain fat easily if you are almost 5'-10" and only 155 lbs?


I knew someone would ask this :slightly_smiling: I used to be 170lbs at 5'7 (or 5'8) 100% fat (I haven't worked out a day in my life at that point).

I got my act together, ate more healthy, etc. I got down to 140 lb (along with some stretch marks which suck...) Than I got a bit taller and than tried to gain muscle without an ounce more of fat. One thing I forgot to include in my diet plan is protein shakes (which are about 240 calories each) I have about 2-3 of those a day. Another thing that I sometimes have is a shake:

1-2 scoops of protein powder
8 oz of yogurt (fat free, flavoured)
1 cup of water
1 cup of oatmeal
1 tsp of oil (olive oil I think, haven't had one of these in a while).

It may sound disguisting but it's actually a nice tasting shake. I realized that this was the same plan that I used to lose those 30+ lbs so perhaps I do need to eat more to gain more muscle on my current diet. Does 100g/70g (workout/off workout day) of carbs sound good? Also, should protein intake be more or less on off workout days?


Should have included that then...

Ummm yeah that would have helped. That adds almost 800 calories to your day, more where you should be.

You're right...

Correct, but given your FFB status I would say no more than 500 calories more per day.

Yeah if you're seriously cutting. You won't even gain a single pound of muscle with that low of carbs. The 100/70 is a T-Dawg 2.0 guideline, which is a DIET.

I would try to keep protein and fat consistant and vary the carbs between on/off days.

Check out Shugart's latest article...



Thanks for the reply, and give the shake a try it's good. And yer, I guess I should've included that information before I posted. Well, hopefully I'll be able to bulk pretty quickly and than cut for beach season heh. This diet that you provided me sounds exactly like what I need.


I don't know you but when I hear stuff like this I tend to think the reason you think you were fat is because you had no muscle. I'm sorry but I don't buy the fact that you were "fat" at 170lbs. Maybe if you were 5'3.

Most people who think they are fat at 170 friggin pounds simply have no muscle at all and cleaning up their diet mixed with some heavy lifting will do wonders to shed the little bit of excess blubber and gain muscle.

As far as the bulk. I know how crappy it can be as FBB(or in your case a perceived FFB)to see your self putting on a little bit of fat but if you want to gain a significant amount of muscle then you gotta know thats part of the game.

Keep it clean,Whole grains,fruits,veggies and lost of protein. Don't be afriad of physical activity. I'm not saying go do cardio on a treadmill or run sprints but don't be afriad to play basketball or racquetball or whatever.