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Diet Plan Help

I need help creating a diet plan. Im starting to powerlift I have a meet In April. Im 6-3 230lbs and I want to stay around that weight. I want to compete in the 242 weight class. I have my macros I want to use but I need to know how to split up the timing and where they should go. I am Up at 5am and work a desk job from 6am-4pm and lift 4 times a week at 530pm. My macros are gonna be 70g of Fat/ 305g of Carbs/and 240g of Protein. Im thinking I’m going to eat at
330pm Pre Workout Meal
530pm Lift Intra Workout Drink
7pm Post Workout Meal

How many meals should I have?
I need to know the proper timing to place my carbs?
Simple Carbs vs Complex Carbs?

Im very new to this I can crunch numbers and meet my macros but I don’t know what kinda of fats to use and carbs to use and where the best places to have them is. As I mentioned I work a desk job for 10 hours and lift at then end of the day so I feel most of my carbs should be focused around my lift.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

[quote]jimborusk13 wrote:
How many meals should I have?[/quote]
Doesn’t matter. https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/whats-best-3-or-6-meals-per-day

[quote]I need to know the proper timing to place my carbs?

Simple Carbs vs Complex Carbs?[/quote]
To vastly oversimplify, simple carbs immediately before, during, and after training. Complex other times.

These should help: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/fats-made-simple

Agreed, especially if you’re currently carrying some extra bodyfat. If not, you can spread your carbs out more through the day.