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Diet Pill Advice?

who knows good pills

There are no effective diet pills. Just limit your caloric intake. Sub out vegetables for high calorie items to help you stay full.

Why do you want a ‘diet pill’, is a calorie deficit not working for you for some reason? As John mentioned, there are no magic diet pills. There are some that can go some way o giving you a ‘slight’ metabolic boost, but nothing that you couldnt undo by simply eating an extra 200 calories, and if diet isn’t the foundation of your diet approach then those 200 calories will be in there before you notice.

There aren’t any that will magically burn fat, and the ones that might help slightly, wont work unless what you were already doing would have been effective for fat loss in the first place.

This is Biotest’s product, very high quality…

Not a year round product… they are strong and can burn you out, should be the finishing touch to a cutting phase. …and obviously as others said look at diet, include metabolic training etc etc

If got some coin look into these also…

Diet pills is a No No. They can be harmful.

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Two kinds: legal that do nothing big, and illegal that can cut a lot of fat - but dangerous.