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Diet Philosphy And Super High Protein Diets

Just curious…

Does anyone have any thoughts, experience, praise, or criticism of Beverly Internationals diet philosophies?

They make a few really good supplements, nothing that Biotest can’t match or even beat, but what about some of the strategies they tout?

They strongly recommend high potencey liver tabs year round

Hydrolysated AA tabs - like 20 per day

And generally recommend a high fat/ lower carb diet.

I’ve even read where they support the use of Orange juice for post workout sugars. Not my first choice for sure.

What do you guys think.

David Barr, JB, LL, you guys out there?

Also do you think high protein diets (300-500g) have their place in dieting for fat loss? It seems that it would be easier to just add some more fats in if one needs calories. Protein is too expensive to run through gluconeogenesis all day. Perhaps that’s part of the strategy though because that alone cost the body energy. It just seems that the body would recognize a strong stimulus for burning AA’s and glucose with protein being so high when the idea is to preferentially burn fat.

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