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Diet on Cutting Cycle

Hey guys Im curious as to if any particular diet is reccommended while using AAS… Im not planning it for a while but I figured why not start thinking about it now. Would most just recc the diet that normally works best for them?

I would imagine if orals involved any type of Keto Diet would be wrong, as it would put a lot of strain on the liver? Not that I am planning on it but if using a compound such as Dbol, one would want some carbs right? Because it replenishes glycogen at a more rapid rate?

Just as an fyi I usually do the cyclic ketogenic diet for cutting, it seems to work much better for me than carb cycling and 10/25/65 C/F/P ratio that i have tried as well. I function very well on the CKD but didnt know if it would be the wisest option while “on”