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Diet on a Budget?


I'd say its safe to assume most of us have decent feeding habits. So I was curious about how much on average you spend at the grocery store fueling your body. I used to spend roughly 300$-400$ a month. Does anybody have any tips for saving money at the grocery store, or any favorite meals they like to cook etc...

Cash is getting tight but I don't want to sacrifice a healthy diet.


I feel like "bodybuilding" food is cheap as hell.. Bulk eggs, bulk chicken, occasional steak(may be a $ issue), good budget seafood, milk if you drink it, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit and veg. That's it...


You can get canned vegetables, nuts, and condiments for super cheap at dollar stores, if you have any of those around you


I agree with Facko here.
I fill a cart with eggs, whatever meat and seafood is on sale. frozen veggies. Don't really do fruit.
Cottage cheese. Bulk rice, bulk Quinoa, bulk potatoes. The only thing I buy that is not on special/sale is mustard. I am very brand loyal to this fancy German mustard for some reason.

Anyways... I have a slow cooker recipe book and once I get home with my stock of sale items I pick recipes I can make for the week. Granted I need to omit/substitute certain items by doing it this way but my grocery prices have stayed low.


if you're buying all organic and grass fed products, dont expect it to be cheap


Oats are quite important in my diet (20-25% of the total calories as well) and it costs me 29 cents of euro per 400 grams.
Peanuts are 50 cents for 150g (900 kcal).

I live in Eastern Europe, so well, prices for things like oats are low.