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Diet on a Budget


any ideas? my family is in a tight place and my mom would like me to stop eating as much as i do. im prohibted from using any money from work now due to needing money for college in two years.
age 16
bw: 185
height: 5'10
morning- 2 three egg omelets with cheese and oatmeal plus a glass of milk
about 50 some grams of protein
after workout- 40grams of protien GNC brnad whey shake
lunch- two burgers and a glass of milk
about 66 grams of protein
lunch 2- two ham or turkey sandwitchs
about 50 grams of protein
dinner- what ever my dad makes, usually 50 grams od protein
ill usually snack on beef jerky through out the day and ill sometimes sub in two cans of tuna if i miss lunch 1 or 2 cause of work
lately ive been having to eat hot dog weiners too due to money and such
any help appreiated.


looks like you're onto something with the milk, eggs, and ground beef. those are some of the best bang-for-you-buck foods when you're looking to gain weight. potatoes, rice, bananas, peanut butter, olive oil, and whole chickens are also good values in terms of calories per dollar.


At my local sam's club I buy ground turkey for 11 dollars and something cents for 5 pounds of it. I cook that up and split it into tupperware containers with veggies. Cheapest way I have found. I would suggest finding a store near you that sells things in bulk, such as a sams club, and check out the meat prices.

At the regular grocery stores chicken breasts are over 4 dollars a pound, and I can get a 12 pound pack for 1.97 a pound at sams club. Milk, eggs, ground meat, peanut butter, and large economy sized bags of nuts are some of the cheapest ways to get the calories and protein in.


Between eggs, milk, ground beef and peanut butter, I don't see how you can really get any better bang for the buck


Im in college right now and have the same issue. What works for me is oats, rice, and potatoes for carbs. For protein the cheapest thing I have found is online protein powder sales...I purchased 25 pounds of protein powder for ~ $100. Yeah, the quality is not the best but its cheap. I also recommend scouring sales at different stores. I've found chicken breast for $1.95 a pound and top round for $1.99 a pound on sale. Costco also has bulk milk and eggs. Having to penny pinch when you're on your own sucks...but I guess thats growing up! :slight_smile:


Hey bro

Look for frozen pollock. Its about five bucks a bag and you get like 8 filets.

You'll find all kinds of frozen fish deals at walmart.

Walmart makes it cheap man.

Canned beans are great too many.